AMA Rules

The goal of this monthly Ingress Ask Me Anything (AMA) is to answer questions you may have about Ingress -- within reason and with a few restrictions.


  • Write your post in the form of a question.
  • Do not ask multiple questions on multiple topics in a single post. One topic per post. 
  • Be constructive. Rhetorical terrorists and hyperbolic posts are going to be ignored. If there is something you are unhappy with, explain what it is you don't like.
  • Be respectful. Ingress isn't perfect. I am an imperfect person. If you are disrespectful, you are going to at a minimum be blocked. 
  • Don't ask about other Niantic products. This AMA is Ingress focused.
  • Read the previous AMA's. A repeat question is likely to go unanswered.
  • The AMAs are not a place to seek personal assistance or ask us to research a specific ticket. For support, contact @niantichelp on Twitter or submit a ticket yet for your issue, go to

Tips for getting your question answered:

  • Don't write in generalities. Provide details so myself and the team can be informed.
  • Don't write lengthy essays or add non-vital information to your post. You should be able to ask your question using only a few sentences.
  • Don't use what-ifs or how-abouts. Get to the point.
  • Don't write a one-way argument. We aren't debating. 

It's okay to have fun with this. We welcome compliments and criticism as long as they follow the rules.

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