P.A. Chapeau’s Countdown Passcodes

UPDATE: Due to technical difficulties we have made the changes to the News Feed schedule. You should now see PAC's first message in COMMS > NEWS. Following messages will update daily at 8 AM UTC time. We (and P.A. Chapeau) apologize for the confusion and inconvenience.

P.A. Chapeau, alternatively known as the Truthseeker, will be delivering a message to you in the News Feed. Starting from Friday, December 25th to Friday, January 1st, login daily to Ingress and access the News Feed under COMM to uncover daily passcodes delivered from the Truthseeker. Passcodes will be updated daily at 8AM UTC.

Note that the passcodes will be displayed within the brackets { } and are not case sensitive.

To redeem the passcodes:

Android: Menu button > Store > Scroll to the bottom 

iOS: Go to Intel.ingress.com via mobile or desktop web browser and click on the passcode icon

Happy Holidays.

— The Ingress Team

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