No Alerts when portals are attacked

I’m not getting alerts when my portals are attacked. If I look in activities I can see that they have been attacked, but there are zero alerts. Has been happening intermittently for the last week.

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    Hi @d0wntathelast, thank you for reaching out! We aren't reporting any issues with the Portal under attack Alert. This could be due to a connectivity issue, please ensure a stable internet and clear the app cache. Also, please uncheck and check the Push Notification from the in-game settings and check if you are receiving the notifications. Let us know if you need more help!

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    I think this is an issue. I get email alert before I get alert on scanner.

    Clicking to the Alerts tab in COMM it takes AGES to update. I then often have to **** between tabs to get latest item to populate.

    By then the portal is dead and opposite faction color without chance to defend.

    This is on S10 in urban 4 bar 4G environments, and happens ALL THE TIME.

    The alerts happen, just so slowly you may as well not bother except to see what happened hours ago.

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