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We had a weird situation few days ago - Dec 18 (just today i managed to find time to report it). We use this portal as anchor to cover a lot of fields. The portal is located at a limited access area where we have agent working there. Friday night (around 20:00, when they thought that he wont be at work Saturday, but he is) a new agent appeared in the city near the portal, he levelled from lvl1 to lvl6 in 1 hour - @diobulga You can check the screen shot and the area on that link (most of the blue portals are now destroyed)

The moment he hit lvl6 he teleported on the anchor (,25.087282&z=11&pll=43.023168,25.089005 ) He started attacking it, but we started to recharge. After a while, ADA was dropped and he flipped the portal. In few seconds links started to appear from the resistance home portals at the next city coordinating with the spoofer and on top of that, they used ENL agent created by them to make even more internal blockers. Since the log is too much for screenshot, im pasting it as text, but you can check the detailed log here from Dec 18:

# Spoofer Actions:

21:40 <diobulga> destroyed a Control Field @Малката Беседка -2941 MUs

21:40 <diobulga> destroyed the Link Малката Беседка to Зелениковски манастир

21:40 <diobulga> destroyed a Control Field @Малката Беседка -4588 MUs

# Two real res agents:

21:41 <stuklen> linked Art on the Wall to Monument

21:41 <stuklen> linked Art on the Wall to Твърдичани

21:41 <stuklen> linked Art on the Wall to Братя Стойкови

21:41 <stuklen> linked Art on the Wall to Mural Russian Soldiers

21:41 <stuklen> linked Art on the Wall to Crosspath

21:41 <stuklen> linked Art on the Wall to Chapel "St. Mina"

21:42 <stuklen> linked Art on the Wall to Stefan Peshev

21:42 <naditta> linked Art on the Wall to Хижа Чумерна

21:42 <naditta> linked Art on the Wall to Горящата Чешма В Балкана

21:42 <naditta> linked Art on the Wall to Руските богатири

21:42 <naditta> linked Art on the Wall to Dryanovo Monastery

21:45 <naditta> linked Art On The Wall 2 to Art on the Wall

# Fake ENL agents on the same portal:

21:46 <1200MicrogramZ> linked Slide In the Park to Българка

21:46 <1200MicrogramZ> linked Slide In the Park to I Te Taka I Nie Taka

21:46 <1200MicrogramZ> linked Slide In the Park to Войници

Currently the situation in their city (no active real ENL agents there) is this:,25.320875&z=16

The big field was made by our active agent and the rest is a try to block us with green links and blue fields mixed. Have in mind that we restored some of the fields now and we cleared some blockers. The situation when this happened was a lot different., no green fields, a lot of blue blockers everywhere.

Despite our report to NIA and then the FastTrack report submitted on the same day, the spoofer is still alive, but even if its banned, they do lvl up pretty fast with the APEX item. The obvious spoofing and the coordination with spoofer and then the fake enl account trick is way beyond fair gameplay. Is there a way for the real agents who obviously used the cheating for their benefit to be punished? I guess the standard reporting system wont be enough here? There are a lot of evidence and sorry for my delay or if i missed something, everything is still there, in the real intel logs or you can just contact me to provide more.


  • Almost 10 days later, spoofer still not banned, despite all the reports. Got notified that he now levels up somewhere in French Polynesia ...

  • "The portal is located at a limited access area where we have agent working there."

    Fair play?

  • It seems that Niantic isn't dealing with this as they have in the past.

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    Yeah I agree with you, its very unfair to have portals only 1 agent can reach, or portaks that require a private boat to reach. At least mountain portals can eventually be reached with training

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    Actually exactly according the rules of ingress, portals with limited access are valid. Its not a military zone, neither its school.

    Its not like the other team don't destroy our anchors in order to link to their limited access portals (water plant factory) with only one guy of them working there. We just travel hundreds of km's (okay, maybe miles), we destroy their portals and we block them, thats the game, right, you just have to outsmart the other team or just be more stubborn, right?


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  • A small update on the topic, today i went few hundreds kilometers to exactly try to destroy those two blue players's big fields that they created fairly the day before, but when i reached their home portal (the home portal of @naditta, at her city), i did the old trick with "destroy-2link amps-ada" in order to make them waste a virus. 

    The portal in question is this one,25.871427&z=15&pll=42.699987,25.891078

    Just few minutes after me:

    //Thats me on their home portal

    6:25PM PeterHristov destroyed a Resonator on Детска Площадка (Балкан 34, 8890 Tsentar, Tvarditsa, Bulgaria)

    // Thats the girl who said literally "Small d**k, great ambitions. Go play by yourself if it calms you down!"

    ☑️ 6:28PM naditta: @PeterHristov Малка пишка- велики амбиции. Играй си сам, щом те успокоява!

    //Suddenly a unknown account enl account appeared and destroyed the blue resonator

    ✅6:41PM Dvedumi destroyed a Resonator on Братя Стойкови (Княз Борис І-ви 107, 8890 Tsentar, Tvarditsa, Bulgaria)

    So, another day, another way of cheating and still nothing, not to even mention the language she is using, but i guess im used to this already.

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    1. I'm pretty sure that's reportable. 2. Someone needs to get the point that "if I have to come and put down your field, there is already a problem. "

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    stuff if write comm u can screenshot and report etc.. and if spoof should be even easier to get account banned.

  • KonnTowerKonnTower ✭✭✭✭✭

    hey @vidicon @Perringaiden remember that thread about permafields, anchors, and quantums changes????


  • Yep. Remember that statement where I said hard to reach portals are fine, but the 30th time the same field goes up is the problem?

    The same argument still stands.

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