[Unexpected] Intel Map does not provide an activity feed free of alerts.

In 2015, @ace (John Hanke) said "Ack" on G+ to the issue that the Intel map did not provide an activity feed for a given area, free of an Agent's personal alerts.

If I look at Easter Island, an area devoid of active play, I have to scroll back through thirty days of personal attacks to realize there's no local activity. This should not be the situation.

Intel has 3 tabs for COMM.

Alerts - My personal alerts.

Faction - Faction communications in the displayed area.

All - Activity in the displayed area, plus my personal alerts.

The expectation is that COMM is similar to the in-game COMM.

  • Activity - Actual activity in the given area.
  • Faction Chat - Discussions between faction specific players.
  • Cross-Faction Chat - Discussions between factions.
  • Alerts - Personal alerts independent of displayed area.

I would also suggest that Chat Alerts appear in Faction and Cross-Faction chat, so that a discussion with someone outside the displayed area still shows, but Alerts should be personal alerts, and Activity should only be activity that is in the displayed window.

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  • Additional: Something that the client also lacks, but the 1.0 client provided, was a running thread of the players actions such as "Created a field +30000 MU", "Deployed a Resonator", "Destroyed a Resonator", "Captured a portal".

    This was interspersed in Activity but would be nice to be it's own tab so people can review it.

    During a recent 45 layer fielding operation, it was all but impossible to go back and hour later and find the MU values for each field, because of the way that the data is hidden in the Activity with everything else. It would be really nice if players could simply pull that list of their own activities out.

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    With all the joy of scanning areas for Machina portals, this one has become another sore point, that's now worse with Kinetic Capsules. Even when I'm not receiving attack notifications, many pages of Kinetic Capsule is Ready alerts make scanning for activity in areas frustratingly slow and cause more requests from the server


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