Please help! Another legit player - Jasoeda - banned since 29 October 2020

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Dear community

Jasoeda (a Belgian resistance player) has been banned since October 29. 🥶

Without any warning, reason or indication whatsoever.

(The only problem he may have? He is an ios user. Which seems to be enough for random bans...)

Jasoeda's playfield: between Antwerp, Mechelen and Lier. Recognisable by huge links. Mainly known by others through Telegram (he avoids real life contact, due to his autism).

He is:

⭐️ A great team member: helps out without any hesitation, always happy to give his advice through Telegram

⭐️ An integer player: 100% follows the rules when he scans portals, nominates new waypoints or rates portals on Wayfarer

⭐️ An honest person: Does not use any additional software, does not spoof or cheat in any way.

(When you see his player level after years of playing - it should be enough proof. He gains his AP through throwing links around in any direction, hoping it will result in a field 😂.)

Of course filed a ban appeal instantly. Which got ignored.

Jasoeda knocked on Nia's door for help. Nia left it unanswered.

So let's all knock on Nia's door together. And stop this random ban madness! 🤜🏻🤛🏾

Another great player - Scalle01 - got banned at the same time. His fellow players (blue and green) united to vouch for him here:

And it worked! 🎉

So can we unite and do the same for Jasoeda? 💙❤️💚

Please help by commenting below ⤵️

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  • bring him back alive

  • Niantic should ban pokemon players instead off banning legit ingress players... unfair ban iff u ask me.

  • Jasoeda always played a wide area and played fair and legit. A ban is most certainly not warranted and this ban should be reversed asap.

    Furthermore, if #NIANTIC decides to impose a ban, the minimum would be to send an email with explication or reason.

  • Please unban Jasoeda.

  • As we particaped in an OP in the Lier, Kontich (Antwerp) region I noticed a lot of portals were owned or created by Jasoeda. I understand he is a long time player so it strikes me to read that legit players do get banned. I too went through this with, as of today, no known reason. It is very frustrating and you feel powerless when there is no or little communication.

    I ask you, do investigate this further and thoroughly! Jasoeda, hang in there.

    Agent Scalle01

  • This is so wrong to ban this agent and I would ask that his ban would be re-investigated. He always plays with respect for his opponents and fellow faction agents and is always keen to help.

  • Both factions are asking to re-evaluate this ban, I really hope niantic will do so. I can't imagine being banned without communication

  • Please, reconsider this decision. I have never played with Jasoeda but the references from the ones who did and whom I trust are only positive. It feels like there happened a big mistake.

  • NIA becomes more and more paranoid. To Ban for no reason seems to be normal these days for them. I'm shure these messages will be ignored completely by NIA ! They will never admit the mistakes they make ! Poor Jasoeda ! 100 % shure that there is no reason for this ban.

  • Please Nia, reconsider this as it seems like this was part of the mass banning due to iOS 14

  • Heroverweeg deze beslissing aub

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