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When visiting any portal, tapping to view the portal photo/information the portal photo no longer loads. It is visible in the portal view (where you can see the resonators), but once you go into its detailed view to go into portal scanning, all you see is this.

When you're walking around looking for portals to scan, often you go by the image that is available for the photo. But when they don't load, you either have to guess what the particular portal is (difficult in areas with lots of similar portals) or continually get out of the portal and go back in until the portal images load.

This only seemed to start happening in version 2.60



The release notes for 2.61.2 state that this is fixed (however this version isn't available in the app store yet). So I'm just making this post for posterity as it didn't seem to be posted yet.

Version info:

  • Ingress Prime version: 2.60.2-968e2fb4
  • Phone: Samsung Galaxy S10 (SM-G973F)
  • Android: 10
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This issue should be resolved in the latest version of Ingress 2.61.


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