[Unexpected] Main View continues to show recursed AP after recursion is complete.

I played Ingress for a long time, before Prime and Recursion was a thing. Therefore when I recursed just after the Austin anomaly in Nov 2018, I had 134 million AP.

The unexpected behavior, is that after I 'completed' the recursion by getting back to level 16, the number on the front screen did not revert to my all-time AP. Instead, it shows the far reduced number since the recursion, and only by looking at my profile is it possible to see my actual AP.

I would suggest that the expected behavior should be that once a player regains 40,000,001 AP, the display reverts to All Time AP. (The 1 is so that people who want to hit it exactly for a 'perfect number' screenshot, can do so, then get 1 more point to revert).

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