Program hang

It's just that after any action, this can happen and only a reboot helps. Freezes and nothing can be done. Android 10. Miui stable, Redmi K20 Pro.

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  • I might be running into a similar issue, though interestingly enough for me it's on IOS. I upgraded to an iPhone 12 Pro and ever since doing it, Ingress freezes on me several times a day. It appears to be network related. I've noticed the UI will stall out, but I can still cancel whatever action was in process and the UI will respond, but no other network traffic will happen. Any hacks that were underway are "completed" but the client never realizes this. If I **** the app and come back, I received a few items form the hack. Same goes for recharging a portal, sometimes the recharge will hang and the network will never resume working correctly, but the recharge did happen, my client is just waiting on the result.

    If I run a full VPN client the problem goes away. WIthout a VPN no T-Mobile 5g, the hangs are SUPER frustrating, often happening multiple times within just a few minutes and requiring me to force-**** and restart the app each time.

    I've tried uninstalling and re-installing a fresh install, but the behavior persists. Super disappointed to see no other mentions in chat since it seems not wide-spread, but it's a ver frustrating bug since it makes playing awful without running a VPN which isn't aways convenient, especially in low-bandwidth regions.

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