Forced uploads after scan

After doing a portal scan and selecting “upload later” the scanner does a forced upload on all selections. Can you please fix this bug. I’m unable to do any scans due to this. Forced uploads leads to failed uploads.

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  • How much space do you have remaining on your phone? I thought the forced updates were because you were running out of space.

  • Apple iPhone XR software v14.2


    This is fairly recent behavior; I scanned seven or eight hundred portals this Summer without incident. I go to a portal and scan it, either by selecting Scan Portal in the initial portal info window or by selecting the three dots, going to the Contribute to this Portal page and selecting Scan Portal there. After scanning the portal, I am presented with a menu of choices: Upload Now, Upload Later, and Retake. (Did the order of the first two change recently?) I select Upload Later. Sometimes this works, but sometimes I get the spinning delta as if it is uploading now. After a minute or so, this returns with "Submission failed. Please try again." and leaves me back at the choices menu. Repeat, with same results. If I force quit the application and restart, then scan again, sometimes it will work; sometimes it fails again. If I am persistent enough, I can eventually get a scan done, but this often takes several restarts and rescans.

  • Getting scan submission failed error way to often... always when clicking „upload later“

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    The Ingress app crashes after a couple of minutes while uploading stored portal scans. 5 upload attempts (of the same set of portal scans), always the same outcome. Uploading of scans worked fine before.

    Ingress version: 2.61.3-a841de4f

    OS: Android

    Device: Nokia 7.2

    Update: Uploading of scans works again after deleting all stored scans.

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  • Apple iPhone 7 plus software v14.2


    Same problem,

    mostly phone hooks up save to upload ,

    upload direct fails also

    in 5% save was ok

  • iPhone 8 iOS 14.3 Ingress 2.61.3

    "Upload Later" option fails after several attempts.

    After tapping on the Upload Later button, the icon in the bottom left of the screen spins repeatedly. Eventually the "Submission failed. Please try again" message appears. Repeated attempts to save the scan also fail in the same way. Closing the app and repeating the process with a new scan also failed.

    I had this problem today and also last week. In both cases, the attempts were made on volatile portals.

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  • I have 180GB of space open. Should be more than enough. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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