Recurse Fastest Like a UigionBahamut - Level 1 to Level 16 in 3H20M

Operation Recurse World Fastest player

Scope: To Recurse in Ingress Prime and level up from L1 to L16 as fast as possible and beat 3H46M old record

Official time: 3 hours 20 minutes - Thursday, December 10th, 2020 24:00 - Friday, December 11th 03:20 in Finland

Planners: UigionBahamut, Scruive

Support team: LadyUrsula, Ande81, and other Resistance Finnish players in Turku and other cities.

Plan: Use an AP field calld "Mammoth" in Nautelankoski Turku/Finland, 40 linkable portals and Anchor portal was in Tortinmäki. We used shootings 17 portals at Rusko/Finland.

Key farming: Calculated key amount was 40 portals and each portal need minimum 94 keys, so we decited to farm 4000 keys to this record. There where 4 players farming keys like multiple hours in six days.

Gear farm: This was easy, other Finnish players wish to help our community and make this possible so they send alot of SBUL's to Turku and some Jarvis. Jarvis amount to this record was 34, but decide to use more and save some of Battle Beacons. Battle Beacon plan was brilliant ,becouse we didn't need too many linkable portals at Rusko, only 17 was good.

Execution: We plan to use first 17 portal round with Jarvis and take lowest lvl animation off fast, so this game animation not block other playing. After Jarvis round we plan to deploy two Battle Beacons timers half so each Battle Beacon was 1M30Sec time to link. First Battle Beacon round we used 4 of them and after one hour linking, we decide to 17 Jarvis round again. Each Jarvis round gives us time to other players drop capsule of keys to me and take some breath. Second Jarvis round we used some more Battle Beacons and so on. Plan was just use 34 Jarvis but we decide to switch our tactic and used 3rd Jarvis round after some of Battle Beacons. Scruive and Ande was our Resonator/SBUL Deployers and using Battle Beacons before my linking, behind me LadyUrsula was near me, clearing keys of ground and drop more key capsules to me.

You will see it in Youtube video more :)

UigionBaamut Statistics:

Time 3 Hours 20 minutes

Links Created 3897

Fields Created 7048

Min Units capture 25 363 768

Walked 1 km

1 World Record



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