OPs NT2W (No Time To Waste) Recurse then Goes Back to L16 in 6 hr

Operation NT2W

Objective: Leveling from L1 to L16 in a single day

Agent: @noregardd (Enlightened Bandung, Indonesia) - 2nd recursion

Support Agent:

@rezhah, @ahmadarlong, @Gisyaka , @Djatisunda , @aIzinatul, @z0mbiecastle, @violencia

Recorded Time (UTC+7):

- Recursed at 8.31

- First field 9.52

- L16 at 14.36


-AP Gained: 40.142.973

-MUs gained: 109.024.489

-Links created: 3880

-Field created: 7138

-Trekker: 10 km

-97 ADA

-388 SBUL

-8 APEX used

Plan: Using a field engine in East Bandung, rebuild it using 4 SBUL, using APEX to multiply AP in EOS Phase 3 double AP bonus for link and field created. Bandung itself is a capital city of most popullated province in Indonesia, West Java. Eastern part of Bandung, where my area of living and working, is a suburb area with many residents.

The plan started by making a classic 2 anchor (North and Southwest) 39 layer Control Field heading to West. Then before recurse, ADA the North Anchor. After immune time passed, the North Anchor can be used to rebuild, ADA, then moved to another nearby portal then used as new North Anchor to rebuild using 4 SBUL.

The execution was planned to be done in two days on 8-9 December 2020, since I cannot do it on weekend, and I need two supporting agent in field. But thankfully two agent can come in the same day on Tuesday 8 December 2020 and the plan can be done in one single day.

Portal Key and Gear Farming: The 39 portal as the spine of the CF is on East Bandung main road, also mostly of them are on my daily travel path so the Portal Key farm is doing daily. PK farming also helped by @Djatisunda who also passes this route daily, from early November as EOS Phase 3 bonus was announced (about 3 weeks). The Southeast anchor is one of @Gisyaka home portal. The insane amount of SBUL and ADA was a big headache at first. But thanks for the generousity of Bandung Enlightened Agents for share their SBUL and ADA for this OPs, and gladly this OPs is successful. Thanks to supporting agents mentioned above and all member of Enlightened Bandung.


As planned, North Anchor (masjid baitul muslimin) is ADA'ed at 7.30 UTC+7 then destroyed before I recurse.

8.31 recursed

9.00-9.45 inventory management with supporting agent @rezhah & @ahmadarlong

9.50 Operations to rebuild the 39 layer CF started on first portal using 4 SBUL, APEX ON. Portal is captured by @ahmadarlong and put 2 SBUL. I put 2 SBUL to make it 4 SBUL. I got leveled up instantly to level 6 on first portal since the AP gained is about 400k AP for 77 layer and 40 link out.

After that, portal was ADA'ed then destroyed befote we proceed to next portal and did the same sequences. There is a loop of 47 portals in this area to do the sequences and prevent from immune problems. We are using motorcycle in this OPs, since in the area is safe enough to drive and stop.

11.50 we have finished the first lap and need to refill the inventory so we go to base portal and @rezhahreorganize the inventory the same as first lap.

12.30 This time I go with @rezhah to do the same sequences as first lap and did 47 on the same routes, and need 3 more rebuild on base portal because I missed some double field because I did some mistakes on link sequences.

14.36 I got leveled up to L16. Thanks God the OPs was successful. Fireworks is deployed on base portal as virtual celebration.

Trouble: Thankfully there is no harm on the field engine from nearby RES agent. But the main problem is the link sequences, i messed up some link sequences because the key is sorted by distance and choosing a right link is a headache since the sequence plan isn't the same with the distance of the portals. I make some mistake and didn't get the maximum 77 field per one rebuild on many occasions. Solutions for others if you want to do the same method: You better find sequences of portal that sorted the same as its distance, so it will make the fielding process faster.

Also inventory management should be done faster. I got many gear from level up bonus and recycle many of them. Picking capsule on the sea of PK dropped because destroyed field by ADA is such a mess and need many clicks to get the right capsule.

Weather: clear and windy

Impressions: I still cannot believe I can get this many AP and MUs on a single day. Since i usually do fielding to get AP by myself, leveling up with many help and supports (on field and also gears) is something special. I present this achievement as Our success, not only mine. Thank you Bandung Enlightened ! Viva La Enlightened!


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