Selected resonator indicator (yellow highlight) for recharging disappears after using a cube

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When recharging individual resonators, tapping on a resonator selects it, indicated by a yellow highlight around the power bar. This highlight disappears after using a cube. However, if you hit the "Charge" button, it will still only charge the single previously selected resonator, which is the desired behavior, even though no resonators are shown as selected.

The complication is that now if you try to select the same resonator to recharge (since it's not highlighted anymore), it actually *unselects* it, and now you're recharging all the resonators.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Select an individual resonator to recharge.
  2. Use the plus ("+") sign to use one or more cubes. "X" out.
  3. Profit (charging will still only charge the single resonator, even though none are shown as selected).
  4. (Optional) Selecting the resonator again actually unselects it for recharge, and you're not recharging what you think you are.

Fix: Just show the yellow highlight after using the cube.

Before cube:

After cube:

Android 8.0.0, Ingress 2.60.2

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  • K1ng0leK1ng0le ✭✭
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    When recharging individual resonators, the one selected has a yellow edge around it. However, when your XM needs to be refilled, the yellow edge disappears after you have used cubes. The resonator is still selected, but without the yellow edge. In order to get it back, you need to tap the resonator twice (deselect, select).

    Note that the yellow edge stays while filling with cubes.

  • 1valdis1valdis ✭✭✭✭✭

    You don't even have to use a cube I believe. Just plus to open cubes menu, and x to exit it.

  • This bug still exists in version 2.115.4

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