How does a city get selected for a mission day?

Over the years I've heard various claims - "just fill the form and hope", "ping Anne directly or you've no chance", "ask Dominik directly because the form responses fall into a black hole otherwise" - regarding the Mission Day process.

I'd like to imagine that it's more clear cut and transparent than that, now. So I have two questions:

1) Successful MD organisers - what steps did you take to get your mission day? Just the form, or the form and some direct contact? Did you feel you just got lucky, or was there some compelling circumstance that made your city an exceptional candidate?

2) Unsuccessful applicants - what have you tried? How long ago? Did you receive any feedback from Niantic, or is your application still in limbo?

A number of cities close to me would be exceptional candidates for Mission Day events, but submitting a form into the ether and never hearing back is pretty disheartening -- however given the volume of applicant cities there must be, I'm not sure I can imagine a great solution, either.

[Obviously in all of the above you can disregard anomaly cities: the Sunday MD seems to be as good as locked in, now, while technically it still needs to be applied for I cannot recall a site in the last couple of years that didn't get one...)



  • AngroxAngrox ✭✭

    Munich PoC here. We tried to apply for 4 years for an official event next to NL1331e. I do not know why we did not get selected earlier - maybe because we had a 'toxic' XF relation (somehow) and there were problems with the city goverment during the last official event - Helios anomaly in Munich.

    When this calmed down and we had a team of res/enl agents to organize AND we were supported by the city of Munich we got a MD.

    So I suppose a non-toxic relationship between the factions and the 'ok' from the city goverment should help you get a MD

  • I've applied for 20 july at very begining of 2019 and Niantic refused about 2 months after aguing that the form was only for the first part of 2019...

    Tried again on the new form on 10 april and no news so far...

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    We applied for June 2019. Were emailed and told we were not accepted and to wait until applications opened again. We applied again the day that applications re opened for the second half of 2019 and are still waiting for a reply. September was the revised date. Hopefully if we are accepted we will still have enough time to advertise and take enough swag orders to be able to cover the cost of some free swag. All our missions are done and ready to go so hopefully hear something soon.

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    What Gargish said (i can't quote his post without the site thinking i'm trying to post a link, which I haven't been around long enough to do 😒)

    All of this. We applied for MD in Grand Rapids as soon as the applications were being accepted last December for 2019. We followed the guidelines to a T and took a lot of time of teamwork to make sure we had an application that was perfect. we got accepted!

  • BurliBurli ✭✭

    We applied for the Missionday Eisenstadt and a few hours later they accepted the Missionday. It was very simple.

  • xMhysaxMhysa ✭✭

    I wonder when will be announced MD in Europe in second half of 2019...

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭

    it will be the usual boring cities, germany, netherlands, italy, poland etc....

  • Andrew Krug has stated that there will be no standalone Mission Days in Europe in the second half of 2019. We only get NL-1331 and Anomaly MDs.

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭

    Yes huge dissapointment, they made everyone believe that its open to send in MD applications when they knew only anomaly cities will host MD htis year :( no info on that earlier this year..

  • In the current AMA, I've asked what happened - and if we can expect anything in Europe in 2020. Question was not answered. If anyone has any information, please do share.

  • We applied early this year for a Mission Day during the Holy Week in Colombia, two months passed and we did not received any response to the form application so we asked a PoC to contact any NIA CM and our MD was aproved and scheduled for August 31.

    Also the same PoC asked for a Triple MD Challenge and we were aprobbed so you are welcome to visit our beautiful country in November for 3 Mission Days in a row the same weekend 😊

  • Colombia is not in Europe though. We're talking about all standalone Mission Days in Europe being canceled/declined.

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    I was hoping for that question to be answered, it was not really sad, worse questions could have been skipped for that one since its important for many :( I was really counting before that our city will get a first MD since i cant travel really for personal reasons.

  • I believe it was January 2019, we applied for a Tucson, AZ, USA Mission Day and we were approved rather quickly (make sure you follow the application closely). Niantic contacted us soon after we applied (#Ethan) and said our requested date in March was unavailable, but was easy to work with rescheduling the event for October.

  • SoylentGrienSoylentGrien ✭✭✭✭

    I'm hoping the process for applying can be streamlined to allow for standalone MDs planned well in advance.

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