2.60.2 crashes on Pixel 4a, or freezes device entirely

Hi all,

2.60.2 has become unusable on my Pixel 4a. The game is laggy right after start, and this state becomes worse over time. I can reliably wait about five minutes until it either crashes and exits, or it freezes the whole device, drawing background like background audio players with it. Sometimes it's worth waiting for the device to recover after several minutes, but in most cases only a hard reboot brings the device back. Currently I preemptively end the game every two or three minutes and restart it in order to be able to play at all.

By the way, choosing one of the tags from the list of suggestions below this input field adds the tag three to five times for each single click. I am sure that's not intentional.

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  • Same here, Oneplus 6T; OxigenOS 10.3.7

    One thing is different: In normal gameplay everything runs smoothly, but when I was playing missions this weekend the same issue occured. Prime is laggy, then freezes, my whole device freezes, background apps close. Neither Restarting the phone or clearing cache and storage helped. I had to restart prime every other mission, often I had to wait until my phone "unfroze" to force close prime.

    Two days earlier, before the update to the latest version playing missions was no problem at all so I am sure that this version is responsible.

  • i have the same problem when i have started a mission, everything is laggy and the scanner crashes several times.

    Pixel 5 - Android 11

  • MoogModularMoogModular ✭✭✭✭✭

    This is sounding like a server issue

  • I indeed had an open mission as well, with hidden prompts. I abandoned that mission and voila, the lagginess is gone immediately. I cannot speak for the tendency to freeze the game, but I will continue to observe the open game.

  • InvestigateXMInvestigateXM ✭✭✭✭✭

    If this only happens while a mission is active, this report might be a duplicate of this one:

    Niantic is aware and investigating.

  • Looks very similar, though that post does not seem to mention the freezes that I experienced.

  • I've had exactly the same for the past 3 or 4 days. Sony Xperia 1. Game lasts for about 5 minutes getting slower and consuming all phone resources until the scanner or the phone crashes.

    As others have reported, abandoning current active mission makes the issue go away.

  • phthoruthphthoruth ✭✭✭✭

    People are reporting 3 unrelated issues here.

    Pixel 4a is on Android 11. Is ingress having issues with Android 11?

    My main new symptom is ingress logs out in the background after 30-60 minutes. The game is still in foreground, and can look around, but nothing works. Cant hack, can't go into the store, can't see drone. If I move far enough the map doesnt show portals.

    At the moment it logs out a persons head icon appears in the top left bar, showing an account change.

    If I restart the scanner, it asks me what account to use. If I were still logged in and do a restart it wouldnt ask that.

    I have good signal and gps.

    Also when I look at keys, some have garbage graphics. After a restart the keys look normal again.

    These issues didnt affect 2.59, but it may be the recent OS update.

    Theres always been a slowdown issue. After intense gameplay the framerate slows down. If you continue, it will abruptly crash. A restart fixes the framerate for awhile. Redacted had a similar memory leak issue. In redacted is was exasperated by looking at stats or missions. In Prime I've mostly noticed it when smashing, which only has the firing menu up, but the graphics (and sound which is off) are more intense.

    Several people have said theres a mission specific bug.

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