Hack notification message is dismissed too quickly before Hack Result message is shown

1. Hack Portal A

2. Hack Portal B

3. Hack Portal A again

-> Notification message: "Portal running hot. Cooldown in 120s" or "Portal burned out" is shown very short time:

And then almost instantly it is dismissed and Hack Result message is shown from previous hacks (steps 1/2 ).

This makes it hard to notice what the notification message was. Specially what was the cooldown time in secs.

Samsung S8
Android 9
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  • 1valdis1valdis ✭✭✭✭✭

    I think hack notification error should be dismissable by tap like hack result is, and like it was on Redacted.

  • Yeah the difference here is one is an error, and the other is a dialog.

    In the past, the Hack Cooldown message as well as the "Hack Acquired No Items" message were queued dialogs in the set, so you could actually read them in between other hacks.

  • I'm okay with the hack cooldown message automatically going away after a moment, but that moment should be long enough for the message to be readable. It could potentially appear momentarily over the hack output message like it does the when only the map is visible.

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