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Hello everyone, a few months ago I used the intel map normally, I changed my phone company to AT&T Mexico, and the problems began.

The first time I realized this, it was while I wanted to see the location of a portal, I did not load the intel map page, I ignored it, then the same thing happened, and that was when I began to follow up.

It turns out that this problem only occurs when I am with mobile data, with Wi-Fi I do not have that problem.

Also if I share internet via bluethoot or Wi-Fi the same problem occurs.

I would like to know what solution this has, or if I have to move some configuration on my phone. Since it is of great help to me to use the intel map.

iPhone 8 Plus iOS 14.2 (18B92) 

Telephone Company: AT&T México. 

Any extra information that is necessary I am willing to cooperate.

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