IFS Artwork Competition (January – March 2021)

IngressFS are events that bring agents together and have become an opportunity to create bonds between the two factions through common interests and aspirations.

We are excited to announce the submission for the 2021 IngressFS Artwork Competition is now open, with a new theme

To start off the new year with sentiments of growth & rejuvenation, we are looking for artwork that delivers positive messages through existing Shaper Glyphs. If there are Glyphs that you resonate and/or share a sentimental connection with, please share it with the Ingress Community as a work of art and enter this global competition.

If you would like to participate, please take into account that your submission must be an original work of your own. Therefore, no work other than Ingress materials and the artist's original creation will be considered for the competition (this includes unedited non-copyright stock images in addition to copyrighted images). Also, your work must comply with the Niantic Player Guidelines (e.g. nothing racist/sexist/obscene). This is your opportunity to showcase your artistic creativity; screenshots of only Glyphs or Glyph Field Art will not be accepted.

As a reminder, what will be the criteria to select the best IngressFS submissions? The best submissions will:

  • showcase originality
  • have a strong aesthetic appeal
  • celebrate the cross-faction Ingress community
  • represent the desire to explore new places
  • inspire Ingress agents to be physically active
  • communicate a feeling of mystery, wonder, or surprise
  • have a thematic association with the month or season

Below are just some examples of an ideal artwork submission and hope it will provide some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing! 

Winners will be chosen by a panel of Niantic and IFS-UN members. The winners will have their artwork featured at an upcoming First Saturday, including in-game media elements of the artwork.

Cutoff for submissions for this round of competition will be Sunday, December 20th (11:59pm UTC); the winners will be selected by Sunday, December 27th (PST). Artwork selected in this round of competition will be featured as IngressFS media from January to March.

To submit your artwork, please use this form. Thank you for celebrating Ingress First Saturday with us and we look forward to your submission.

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