Prime Data and graphics settings

DeadSolArisDeadSolAris ✭✭
edited June 2019 in App Feedback (Archive)

I'm not sure that feature request, it is just need for many players to get ability for normal gameplay. Prime load all photos at portals near you on your way, it's take a lot of mobile data, and also it drains our battery. It would be perfect if users can turn off in settings portal photo until you not do any actions with it, like in redacted. Or at least choose image quality to minimise payment for traffic and to get ability play in the places with low level signal. And other problem - graphics in prime. I think Niantic have to give us ability to change graphics settings as we want, not as want stupid algorithms which set up low resolutions and make trash of pixels on powerful Samsung flagships, and on the other side give Full resolution and max graphics effect on weak budget phone and it make Prime almost unplayable in both situations. I think it's not so hard to give us ability change visual and graphics settings, and I hope that Nia won't ignore this post and many others like that, and give us finally ability not suffer from that game. Give us ability to play in Prime with the same comfort as we can get from Redacted now

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