2.60.2 - COMM jumps to oldest activity

I assume Niantic is already well aware, but just to have it formally on the bug tracker:

When opening the COMM, it automatically jumps to the oldest activity available, instead of the expected youngest activity. This happens even when the COMM is loaded, closed and then reopened again. You can jump to the newest activity by switching to another tab and then back to Activities. Video attached.

Oneplus 8 Pro, OxygenOS v.11 beta, 2.60.2 Ingress version

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    hope they can fix this one, been broken for so long now.

  • It also happens to me and it is very tedious. Excellent contribution👌

  • The Activities page doesn’t open at the end of the list but it should. To reach the end of the list I usually switch between Activities and Alerts. This inconvenience appeared somewhere in the spring releases.

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    Duplicate of https://community.ingress.com/en/discussion/12775/2-60-2-comm-jumps-to-oldest-activity#latest

    Please take a look at exising topics before creating another one next time

  • I didn't want to report this bug at all but Niantic doesn't fix submitted Ingress bugs for months... Sorry for SPAM

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    this is the most voted bug, i hope this can be fixed.

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    It’s really bad now. When all “fiddling with range” options are used you have to restart the client to get the comms to update.

    Besides old data the client shows the wrong picture for the portal as well. I’m really wondering why they are there at all. I wish we could drop the usage of the images in comms, or at least make it an option we can toggle on or off.

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    over 100 votes now and sadly broken more then ever. It only works 1 time to force refresh newest if uchange distance, after that it doesnt load newest and only option is to restart prime which isnt a good option really.. i hope this can be fixed, comm lagging behind 1 hour is so bad.

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    Yeah, and sadly, I would take this old bug over the current one in a heartbeat.

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    it seemed like it worked for a few days, then the bug showed up that forces you to restart the client to see updated comm activity (portals captured, etc). its very annoying / unusable.

  • In app version 2.74.1-000a2e9b comms, activities, alerts will only refresh once per-distance, per-app session.

    Example: I check activities once at 10km. It will show me the current activity, but will no longer show activity past that point. If I change to 20km, it will give me the current activity again, but if I go back to 10km, it will not update activity further.

    Same with alerts.

    Same with COMMS.

    Have to restart the app in order to get each populated with up-to-date information. This makes attending to attack alerts (to recharge, etc) completely unusable. This is a large part of the game, and needs to be fixed.

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    comm is supposed to be fixed next version, just wait and see i guess.

  • Good news, Agents! The LATEST button has been added to quickly jump down to the latest COMM activities. A couple of other updates are also made relating to COMM. Please check out this thread for more insights:


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