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Summary of issue:

I (@fumiso) scanned a portal that no one was scanning and increased the Scout Controller count by 1. (1)

I haven't received a Displaced notification for 36 days.

On the 36th day my friend scanned and uploaded it on the spot.(2)

The scout controller before uploading is me.(count 1)

My scanner received a Displaced notification when my friend uploaded it. (4)

However, the Scout Controller display is displayed under the name of another Agent who is not my friend, and the friend's Scout Controller does not increased. (3)

Of course I haven't been alerted until then.

This kind of phenomenon occurs several times in other portals and other areas.

If this behavior is normal, wouldn't the Scout Controller count not increase unless the person holding the scan data in the scanner uploads it?

Or is the Comm notification wrong?

If there is a problem, I want you to fix it.

environment Ver

Me: Pixel 4 Android 11 Ver2.59.2

Friend: Pixel 4a Android 11 Ver2.59.2

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  • PangarbanPangarban ✭✭✭✭✭

    It's likely that something isn't being tracked properly. If they would remove old scout controller label after 30 days it would probably clarify for players whether the sytem is working or not.

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