Broken Drone

Help! S.O.S.! For 2 months now, my Drone has not been working. When I try to use the Drone, the message "Scanner communication error" flies across the screen. I have opened and re-opened 4 tickets and have received similar replies from "the team", "the dedicated team", "the development team", and "the Engineering team". I have been told by the different teams that there are no restrictions applied to my account. They asked me to reinstall Prime (which I did) and to check my wi-fi and data (a-okay for the latter two). With instructions from a VanGuard, I logged onto another player's device and my Drone still did not work. When the player logged onto my device with his account, his Drone DID work. So, I can assume that my device is not the problem. I am hoping that this Community Forum will be the place where someone will finally be able to solve my Drone issue.


  • My drone is still not working. Niantic, since the drone was disabled when you stripped me of my key lockers, why can't you go back into my device and correct the drone? I am missing out of so many special activities that involve the drone. This is so disappointing.

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