Super obvious spoofing, No actions after report


First of all, i sent a ticket with all the information. You can just look at the screenshots and thats enough to realise that this is obvious spoofer. Ticket ID: #10900868 . I Got answer from "Lambert" that they reviewed my case, but the account is still not banned.

Yesterday, after midnight, agent @shbanaka appeared on big anchor that was holding few million MU in Bulgaria.

This is agent lvl7 that we already suspected that he is spoofing since he have resonators in Serbia (,22.875504&z=12&pll=43.016068,22.779) with borders closed between the two countries and he destroyed some portals in inaccessible warehouse after work time.

His first action was from here:

to here:

in 12 minutes:


shbanaka linked Паметник за 23.09.1923 г. (1024, 3474 Govezhda, Bulgaria) to Кметство Говежда (1024 10, 3474 Govezhda, Bulgaria)1:11AM

shbanaka captured Сърп и Чук - 1923 (81, 3517 Bokilovtsi, Bulgaria)

By map (also been on that route) you need 32 minutes

BUT the most spoofed action he did is that he climbed a mountain peak (also big anchor) in 20 minutes after that action.

1:11AM shbanaka linked Сърп и Чук - 1923 (81, 3517 Bokilovtsi, Bulgaria) to Паметник за 23.09.1923 г. (1024, 3474 Govezhda, Bulgaria),23.29797&z=11&pll=43.277229,23.173242

1:35AM shbanaka destroyed a Resonator on Kom Peak. Vazov Stone (812, 3520 Barzia, Bulgaria),23.219692&z=11&pll=43.173778,23.052495

You need around 35 minutes to reach the place from where you start to hike and then you need around 1:15h. - 1:30h. to reach the peak if its day time and if you are in good shape. Do not forget that this is in the middle of the night and there is already snow in the mountains. Been there many times also.

After that he went down from the mountain to a far away


shbanaka destroyed the Link Kom Peak. Vazov Stone (812, 3520 Barzia, Bulgaria) to Поща Круша 2213 (813 73, 2213 Krusha, Bulgaria)


shbanaka captured Малката чешмичка (15 13, 3240 Borovan, Bulgaria)

And this is again, without the time that you go down from the mountain. Lets say that you need 1 hour get down and they start driving to this city ...

so all this kept going and going, ruining a the game for all the people that are trying to keep it green.

Almost EVERY TIME i send a report to NIA, it goes like this ... is it a trusted source, do i have to look for vanguard or do i have to post it here or reddit? Not to even mention why NIA do not detect the spoofers automatically. Is there any way for "fast reporting" that i dont know? Sometimes spoofers are just going rampage and they need to be stop immediately.

Hope this post will have some effect.

Thank you in advance!


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