Intro to Ingress Investigation

Truthseekers: For those of you just joining us, my name is P.A. Chapeau. Well… it’s a name. A pseudonym, if you will. I’ve had to keep my real identity a secret because I’ve spent the last few years as a whistleblower for the biggest coverup in history. I’m talking, of course, about Exotic Matter. A secret subatomic energy that enhances our natural strengths and, in some cases, unlocks superhuman potential. But there are some downsides too. Chief among those is that Exotic Matter - XM for short - can be used to exert powerful influence over the human mind.

In 2018, a cross-functional think tank called the Niantic Project came together, to study the threats and opportunities of XM. It was bankrolled by the National Intelligence Agency, a secret, black-budget organization that funds research into fringe science. The thirteen researchers at the Niantic Project advanced our understanding of XM by leaps and bounds, developing an XM Scanner that allows us to see XM, and the Portals through which it enters our world. After the scanner was accidentally leaked to the public, the NIA covered it up by saying it was just a game. A game called Ingress.

As XM became known to Ingress Agents the world over, two Factions emerged. The Enlightened believe that XM will lead to the next stage of human evolution. The Resistance believe that - in the wrong hands - XM could be used for nothing short of a hostile takeover of the human mind. So, while the majority of the world believes that Ingress is just a game, Ingress Agents know the truth: Ingress is an ideological battle to determine how XM will shape the future of humankind.

These past few years, I’ve made it my mission to bring all of the secrets of XM into the light. For a while I made nice with the NIA and the powers-that-be, when there were bigger threats at hand, a common enemy. But now the NIA is back to business as usual, keeping the world in the dark about the most important scientific discovery in human history. So, I’ve had no choice but to go back to my old tricks. Ducking and weaving, digging up the dirt, and boosting the signal. Welcome to the investigation, truthseekers. And stay tuned to this thread for updates. I know there’s a lot to keep track of, and the only way for us to keep on top of it is for us to work together. Be safe out there, and keep your eyes open!




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