FS participation rejection for 6 months

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As I reported for the past 6 months to ingress support, I am not allowed to participate into the Dutch FS events.

The orga members here are [REDACTED] rejecting me from increasing my badge stats for the FS badge.

The events are virtual, so why are people rejected here 😊 why are [REDACTED] allowed to continue organizing FS events, while rejecting agents who play fair and are still low level (12 for me)

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  • Did you meet all prerequisites for the event? 🧐

  • 3car3car ✭✭✭

    Organizers have to fish out that medal it any of the participants qualifies the requirements that are posted by the them + meets FevGames guidelines. My first impression is that you haven't meet the requirements for the event in specific. Sadly, even if there are cheaters/bad actors, the organizers have to give that medal if they meet the requirements unless there is a good reason not to do so.

    I have complete faith in the IFS-UN members, and that includes @DhrMekmek . Just from what I read here, I think that you might not have fulfilled the requirements, or are having trouble in participating in the event at all. Try to contact the POCs to get further help. If they do not help, then the discussions can happen here.

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    Lol, how can I meet the very low requirements if I am not even allowed to attend the virtual public FS event...

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  • Also there are more people not allowed to participate as the ORGA deems them as not trusted... Poor people with trust issues

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    Cant u just pick somewhere else, since its virtual now u can join any FS in the world ?

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    So what did you do except bugging the ingress support? Why and how are you rejected from the events? I can find nothing in your posts. Without any information, it looks like you are having unreasonable problems. To me, this whole thing looks like a rant from a kid. We can trash this thread away.

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    Well since I took a step in, head to the global FS chat and explain in detail. How you tried to participate, and what and how the organizers prevented you from participating at all. If you can't explain, just stay safe at home and be silent.

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    As a point of note, you can join a First Saturday from anywhere around the world right now, since it's Virtual. So if your local event has some sort of undue restriction, while you get it resolved you can still get credit by joining another group.

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    There's basically nothing you can do. The fevgames and nia trust on the organizers decision, no mather how j**rk or cheaters they are.

    They shouldn't be removing people based on personal opinion and other reasons but game related facts. E.g cheaters (are you one of those? If you are still complaining), like confirmed spoofers and multiaccounters. There's like half a dozen confirmed multiaccounters on my city, that freely use the secondary account to help with mod and farming and he is freely allowed (he only participate with one of the accounts). Also cases of an obvious and confirmed spoofer, that even joked about it (entered a closed public park after it closed time and on the day off for the public), and of course others that are less obvious but were confirmed mas cheaters before in the past. All that above allowed and I became the first removed player, because someone considered my picture offensive, and it took me 4 days to get any explanation about this, because none of the 6 organization members had the courage to speak to me or ask a new picture while it was still time (since I sent it almost an hour before they posted the results). They just fakeposted one score with be and few hours later deleted it and posted another without me, and no explanation given.

    If you're honest players, just seek for another virtual ifs to participate until the regular ifs come back, because I believe that the old ifs didn't not require to be intermediate in order to get the badge, you just need to hack the portal in time, like hexatlons and MD.

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