Niantic is unable to detect / doesn't care about spoofing



  • TheKingEngineTheKingEngine ✭✭✭✭✭

    Not only make it quick but also make it alive :D That is, to prevent the reply from unreasonably being rejected to post.

    Wayfarer forum is using the same set of words filter and it has wasted me more than 1 hour simply posting complext invalid portal removal threads with 100% valid content again and again because sometimes they just sink into blackhole for no reasons.

  • Qu4rdQu4rd ✭✭✭
    edited November 2020

    lol! been there done that. i tried to make a thread or in a combination of replying a different POV to a supposedly famous agent, when I guess I triggered someone so bad....that I got a warning on my forum account.

    It will expire on 2061.


    As for the things we are discussing here, may I say that let them be. Let them be for all we care. RC bots? multi accounting both factions? wintrading outside events? spoofing? getting keys and keep it in dupes? it's not worth it. This need to be combated not just by one person, but a team.

    The best we can do as an agent is keep reporting but not to make it our sole aim. Whatever NIA is doing with the reports, ignore and close it; let them be. You have done your job responsibly to help out.

    If Niantic as a company put a low priority on their customer care ratings, we should do the same too.

  • TheKingEngineTheKingEngine ✭✭✭✭✭

    ....sad to hear that you were put a warning

    Regarding "worth"...there are two ENL agents in Shanghai, after I continuously reported (successfully banned some spoofers of many afterwards) their suspicious actions and removed quite many fake portals of them, they started to expose a bunch of identity information of some hardcore local RES players including mine in Telegram channels and private groups of ENL Shanghai.

    Good news is that their accounts were put on probation temporarily and bad news is that their accounts are still currently active (only COMM banned because of continous ha.ras.sment, calling players' real names and threaten to attack me in reality)...Yes, still active... You definitely know what I'd like to express.

  • Qu4rdQu4rd ✭✭✭

    yeah, doxxing comes from both factions. you know i know we all know, those kind of things.

    what to do with it, up to one judgement. some can be pretty much angry and bitter and feel very much violated if we know their birthday. that alone can warrant a report. you see what I'm getting at? :)

    if one doesn't want to get abused..don't abuse things on the first place. i stopped retaliating when some wild-wild-west agents kept on harrasing me. but what I do with their up to myself. but that's my defense, should they are becoming unbearable to deal with. I can't keep up with people spoofing, but again..the one that run the spoofing themselves, i just let them be. can't be too hard on ourselves, can't keep on being too hard to others. reporting them is the best effort i can muster for now.

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