From Zero to Hero - Speedrecurse 3h 55min

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Operation From Zero to Hero - Speedrecurse

Plan: Recurse in Ingress Prime and level up from L1 to L16 f***ing fast, planned time was under 6 hours

Official Time: 3 hours 55 minutes - Tuesday, November 17th, 2020 00:41-04:36 CET

Planners: HulkPixel

Support: WideReceiver (also giving the opeation it`s name in consideration of Hulk the Avenger)

Plan: Use an AP field machine set up near Hamelin, Lower Saxony, Germany. Creating a classical multilayered field with a spine. The hinge anchor was set up south of Hamelin to a wooden sculpture near the parking lot of an industrial plant with 39 spine portals linked through the old town of Hamelin.

Using portals of the old town of Hessisch Oldendorf, a small city north of Hamelin, I could follow a looped walkway of 47 portals on 2.4KM throwing links back to the hinge anchor in the south and spine repeatedly. The chosen amount of portals on this looped course, would prevent us from portal-inoculation. The spine was planned in a way, that portal keys would organize themselves in the right order by lenght from every loop portal. Only the baselink to the south anchor has to be thrown by a supporting agent. Each thrown cycle generates 39 links and 77 fields while utilizing 4 SBUL and 1 ADA. After flipping the portals they have to be rebuilt for the second loop

Preparation: To find a suitable area for this operation was quiet simple. The main area of the city was widely covered by big resistance fields, while the south anchor was often used in former operatins, so there were a bunch of keys, but a higher risc to be discovered in the making. The city under the fields was either decayed or cleaned the days befor The northern area usually was our homezone that it only had to be left to decay before the start. We spent some hours looking at the intel map which portals could be the best spine and found a row of about 30 portals in the old town, some of them aligning just 20meters apart and added some more in the suburbs where usually no Ingress agents go to play.

Date: There was no special date to get this job done. Main agent HulkPixel last year skipped L15 in the yearly anniversary event on November 22nd 2019 within 12 hours while a similiar operation. In spring first agents of the community had the idea to make an operation like this because a new item was brought to the game, the APEX. They dicided to collect SBUL, Flipcards and hackmods for key farming, for an agent that would be crazy enough to do it. The hole idea came to life, when Niantic announced the EOS Phase One and stated that the APEX and the event bonus would add up to a 4x AP event, so it had to be done til November 17th.

Gear Farming: The crazy amount of Softbanks and flipcards were the mostly shared by a big number generous communitymembers of ENL Hannover and ENL Ostwestfalen-Lippe. Many of the items laid in their inventory for a long time after they were given away after a anomalies, so they were fine someone else would use them. Additionally the new kinetic capsule was a big help, because many agents produced SBUL the last days before the operation.

Originally wanted to take Screenshots and make screen recodings, but my „old“ Galaxy S7 wasn't fine coping with stress and got really warm while the hole operation. Fortunately some other agents „watched“ the progress via they scanner and took some screenshots while level 1 to 14 (at 15 they were all asleep) so it ended up with me taking a screenshot of the level-up animation at L16.

Execution: The first Portal let me jump from Level 1 to 6 in aboutn 90 secounds, but the animation of the level up and achieved field kits slowed down the gameplay and blocked me about 2 minutes. When the levelgaps became bigger, gameplay freshed up and I was able to link in a „normal“ time, but it was quiet slow. Always looking for my inventory and amont of keys (had 1,5k in inventory and 500 in keyslockers) I told my supporter WideReceiver, when it was time to drop new stuff for me. After two laps and 4 Portals in only 3 hours and 55 minutes i returned a L16 agent.

Obstacles: No smurf was able to do harm. The biggest problem to the entire operation were links, that didn't close two fields, even though it was the right order and ghostlinks/fields. In two cases the whole multilayer didnt want to disapper for a few minutes even after ADA and destroying the blue portal and restarting scanner. One security guy came across, checking out what we were doing there, but went away with a smile after realising we don`t do anything forbidden. After about 70 portals, i was almost running out of R5 and R6, fortunately we had some CMU in store to buy the a builder bundle, because all other portals were to high to glyph low resonators.


Time: 3 hours 55 minutes

3799 Links created

7065 Fields created

392 SBUL used

97 ADA used

8 Apex used

6 KM walked

40219718 AP Gained

24948099 Mind Units Captured

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