Items in my inventory has disappeared

Dear Niantic

I would like to report a huge incident that happened to me today

Prime ver 2.58.1-8bd4a610

Mail account: [email protected]

Agent-ID: Alfino1066 level 15

OS: Android 10 on a Samsung S20 phone 

Links to portals can be provided upon request since I am not allowed to post them here.

Today the 17’th of november approximately 15:15 CET I was glyphing the portal Skå Kyrka for keys 

When I was finished glyphing I was going to put the keys in a quantum capsule when I realized that all my capsules, except one quantum and one regular, was gone. This shocked me and there and then I almost wanted to quit playing Ingress altogether. This happened without me doing anything. After the fact I also tried restarting ingress to see if there was some temporary glitch or not but the problem is still there.

During the time I was hacking the portal Prime hang 3 times and I had to restart, the last time I also cleared the cache and data.

I demand that you restore my missing inventory items. This should be pretty straight forward from the data you have on the server.

Before I started to hack I had about 1750-1800 items in my inventory.

Below I will try to describe what is missing. This is defined as well as I can remember but it is impossible to remember all the details. I named all capsules so I could know what was stored in them. You should be able to map the names from my profile on the server to the corresponding capsule id's and restore from there.

Common capsules

  • Approximately 10 empty
  • 1 with ADA and Jarvis 10 each
  • 1 with approximately 40 Aegis shields 
  • 1 with very rare multihack and very rare heatsink approximately 20 each
  • 1 with very rare shield approximately 5-10
  • 1 with approximately 15-20 ITO EN Transmuter (-)
  • 1 with approximately 20 SoftBank-ultralink 
  • 1 with approximately 40 hypercube 

Quantum capsules 

  • Approximately 20 empty

  • 1 with keys to Portals Adelsö Sättra and Adelsö Sättra Norra approximately 45 to each portal

  • 2 with 96 N8 XMP-bursters in each

  • 1 with approximately 30 keys to portals in Bålsta

  • 1 with approximately 80 keys to portals in Bro

  • 1 with approximately 96 keys to portals at Eldgarnsö and Karlskär

  • 1 with approximately 85 keys to Ekerö Kyrka information + 3 portals

  • 1 with keys to portals at Fågelön and Kungshättan approximately 25 plus 0

  • 1 with keys to portals around lake mälaren

  • 1 with approximately 30 rare shields

  • 1 with approximately 20 Power Cube N8

  • 1 with approximately 40 keys to portal Skomakartorp

  • 1 with approximately 90 keys to guard portals

  • 1 with approximately 90 keys to 10 portals at Skytteholm

  • 1 with approximately 90 keys to 9 portals at Stenhamra

  • 1 with approximately 50 keys to 4 portals at Svartsjö

  • 1 with approximately 96 keys to Västerort
  • Many portals along Västerled 3-4 keys to each

I might have forgotten some quantum capsules

Left in my inventory after the incident 

  • 1 Common capsule with 11 ITO EN Transmuter (+)
  • 1 Quantum Capsule with misc keys to field Portals in Ekerö 
  • 5 Key capsules 
  • and 546 misc items


  • This sux and I hope Nia can help you with this problem.

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited November 2020

    did you aquire all those items yourself ? u should hide your email info no need post that as niantic has this info already ...

  • I know she aquired alot of them herself and some was donated by other players like myself and others.

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