A Temporary Hub for the New Investigators


Once again, reorganizing and resurfacing these important gateway sites to the new Agents who may be lost in the intricate investigation of Ingress. I wish there were a more formal way to present them, but this temporary hub post is what we have for now. All of the links listed have previously been shared publicly in the Forum/Investigation section. If you’d like to share any intel you’ve collected, please feel free to post it as a comment in these threads, with a link and the names of those who contributed to the research. If you've noticed any errors, also don't hesitate to point them out.


  1. Fev Games 
  2. Ingress Mission Creator Tool
  3. Januslaboratorium


  1. Cross-Node
    1. Operation Essex
    2. Project Lycaeum (Japanese)
    3. Lycaeum Wrap-Up (Japanese)
    4. INGRESS HOME - Archivio Italiano di Investigazione (Italian) archived by @Miketrevis
    5. Ingress Timeline (1218 - Cassandra Prime)
  2. Osiris 
    1. Investigate Ingress archived by @InvestigateXM  
    2. EssexArchive by @KoshTheRipper
    3. 1218 Abridged by @MustafaSaid
    4. NianticProject.com
  3. Pre-Osiris
    1. Reddit InvestigateIngress
    2. Osiris Abridged by @MustafaSaid
  4. Nemesis / Tessellation
    1. Tessellation Recap by @Sjarlotte
    2. Tessellation Timeline by IngressBeijing

Transmission (Video) Playlists - in chronological order

  1. Ingress Report (1218 Node)
  2. Osiris Prime Anomalies (Osiris Node: Pre-Nemesis)
  3. The Dunraven Foundation Case Studies (Osiris Node: Pre-Nemesis)
  4. Operation Kolan (Osiris Node: Pre-Nemesis)
  5. Intel & Incidents Leading up to Nemesis (Osiris Node: Pre-Nemesis)
  6. Transmission from the Exiled Researchers (Osiris Node: Nemesis Sequence)
  7. Intel on Nemesis (Osiris Node: Nemesis Sequence)
  8. Progress of the Tessellation Osiris Node: Nemesis Sequence)


  1. Origin & Description
    1. Inventory loadout cards descriptions by @MailEater


  1. Glyphtionary
  2. Ingress Glyph Tools



  1. Enoch Dalby SoundCloud
  2. Jaicat_enl SoundCloud


  1. Essex (ENG)
  2. Glyph Journal Glyphers (ENG)

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