Latest Update 2.59.2 has Black Links - now IMPOSSIBLE

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I thought you couldn't mess up the interface any more than you have, but black links on a black background is a complete joke (on multiple devices, Huawei and samsung).

How on earth am I meant to actually play the game if I can't see links?



  • I contribute with this capture. the links are not visible they look like ghost fields. I do not know how to play properly. it happened after i updated to 2.59.2

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    Oddly I'm not seeing it with the 2.59.2 version. Looks normal here.

    Not saying there isn't an issue somewhere but I'm not seeing it here.

    Android 10

    Samsung S9

  • Hello,

    Ingress 2.59.2, Android 9, OP3T, no problem, i see links

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    I guess this affects lower perfomance phones maybe?

  • yes, is obvious it didnt affect all the phones, no need to post if you dont have problems.

    The problem are those who suffer this bug...

  • No, it was good to know that not all phones have this problem. I thought it was an issue that affected all phones initially.

    What would be good is if people would mention the phone they're using, and whether they see the issue. I recall a few early issues reported to Niantic was dismissed with "works for me" before it transpired that only some phones have that issue.

    I'll start, OnePlus 7T, Android 10, I can see links with / without fields. Lighting dynamics enabled in Settings.

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    Please make sure to add the model of your phone and operating System. This helps devs to better understand the problem.

    Some help would be appreciated @NianticBrian , @NianticCasey

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  • I messaged Niantic Support also who said it "wasn't replicable" or "widespread" enough that's why I started sharing the thread to more places.

    Because I know I neglected to mention it here, i alternate between using Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) running 8.0.0 and Huawei Mediapad T3 running 7.0.0.

    Yes I know I should get a new phone, but everything is (was) working fine for me. Plus I don't need to spend £300 on a new phone :)

  • starwortstarwort ✭✭✭✭✭

    Samsung Galaxy S10e (Android 10): looks perfectly fine.

    Samsung Galaxy S5 (Android 6.0): when remote viewing a portal, a few of the links (and maybe also a couple of the portals) don't load and so aren't shown properly in the map view when zoomed out.

  • Nexus 5X (Android 8.1.0) , with this issue.

  • This Happened To Me Yesterday after Recieve 8Years Badge.

    No Streets, No Compass, No Menu, No Action Bottom etc.. Can't Click on any a Portal either.

    I'm Nokia 6.2 (64xbits) on Android 10

  • Then I Restart Ingress but Showme This:

  • @Foreman87 that looks like a new and different issue from what's reported in this thread since your Links are correctly displaying in your first screenshot, and you're also on a 64bit device. In your second screenshot, it looks like Wi-Fi is off and you're connected with 2 bars. I'm wondering if this might be related to your connection, where not everything was able to download on your current connection (maybe because your phone is trying to switch between Wi-Fi and mobile)?

    If you move to an area with a stronger connection, does that download the map tiles?

  • hi Brian, thanks for replying. the cell phone model is Moto G7 Play. after the 2.59.2 update this problem occurs with the links. Cheers!

  • Nvrmind..

    I Clean All Data Cache from Apps, Ingress Too.. Then Unistall-Reinstall Ingress and Works Perfectly jeje

    Thanks for Answer bytheway.

  • Still so many issues since they shut down the original Scanner?

    black links on Nexus 5 - Android 6.0.1 and Nokia 5.1 Android 10

    In Prime you cannot see the link direction.👎️

    Is there any chance to get a Redacted 2.0 or something that works good and fast and looks nice like 2013-2019?

    Thanks for the Redacted time.

  • Same problem here. Android 7.0 Model FreshFun i50F. As you see on the left of the portal, all fields look normal but links stay completely black. Uninstall and reinstall didn't fix it.

  • Motorola G4 Play

    Android 7.1.1

    Ingress 2.59.2

  • 1valdis1valdis ✭✭✭✭✭

    @pwnd1337 well you can see link direction in Prime, it's just Niantic didn't bother to add visual clues to graphics mode for your device. I hope they finally see how messed up the low quality graphics mode is. I previously played on Galaxy J7 2016 and it looked so broken that I made a few threads, which didn't help. I moved to a better device since then, but seems like nothing changed and people on budget phones still suffer...

  • @NianticBrian It turns out this black link bug is actually the 3D field bug but it's *extremely high up* from the ground on these devices. If you zoom all the way in on a portal you can just about see the colours of the links and the actual appearance of the fields at the top of the game window (it's better to see on a larger device).

  • Black links in Moto G5s - Android 8.1.0

  • same issue here. I wanted to do an HC5 but I guess I'll have to pass on that.

    Phone: Samsung Galaxy J7 Star (32-bit phone)

    OS: Android 8.0.0

    I reinstalled the ingress prime app, no effect. This started after the year8 badges got out.

  • Same issue here with Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo (Android 6):

  • Same here : black links that can be seen over the streets on the map of the scanner and between the differents layers (I had an update of Ingress Prime this week-end (2020 Nov 21st or 22nd).

    Honor 5C, NEM-UL-10C00B207, EMEUI 4.1.3, Android 6.0, Processor Kirin 650, RAM 2GB + 16GB external, 1080x1920 screen resolution.

    Ingress Prime 2.59.2-e5b3ddf8.

    Emptying memory and cache and rebooting phone won't work.

    I emptied memory and cache, uninstalled Ingress, rebooted, reinstalled Ingress don't correct the bug.

    Thanks for your efforts.

  • @pwnd1337

    In Prime you cannot see the link direction.👎️

    Point of note: Assuming they're not black, you can see link direction in Prime, the same way you could see it in Redacted.

    The pulse is in reverse from Redacted (where the pulse ran from target to source), but there's a white pulse that runs along links from the source to the target, showing you where a link came from and went to.

    I'm guessing the reversal is that they don't understand the lore aspect of links, but it's definitely there.

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