Recurse Like A Maniac - Level 1 to Level 16 in 3H 46M



  • Well done agents!

    I feel excited when I see players doing suche crazy things, and I felt excited too when I did the same OP in November 2019 with just 2X AP.

    How many Jarvis did you use? The idea of installing 1 SBUL per portal is just crazy, but eventually it worked super well, as you did it in the shortest time ever!

    Here’s my sitrep from last year, I used 4 SBUL per portal in order to get the maximum AP from every single portal:

    Congratulations again!

  • During the op I was half picking them up half leaving them. We planned on having more then enough sets of keys for the entire process. After the first lap I ended up just leaving them to save time. It was also a good indication of which portals we had used.

  • @Maniac15 Let me start by saying wholeheartedly it was a Great Honor and Privilege to be given the opportunity to assist and witness such an astonishing endeavor 💙 Congratulations and always grateful for the experiences you've shared with me through out the years 💙

    Dang, Niantic give me back my force sync button I missed a screenshot of lvl 8 🤷‍♀️ You Rock Eric💙💙💙

  • EvilSuperHerosEvilSuperHeros ✭✭✭✭✭

    Now that is some serious planning and team work! Congrats on the new record @Maniac15

    Great show of awesome teamwork to all that was part of the planning, intel, and support teams!

    I look forward to seeing this record broken by another team of enterprising agents. And maybe even somehow "one upped".

    Maybe those who are complaining about it can do better and show off in the field?

  • ToxoplasmollyToxoplasmolly ✭✭✭✭✭

    My favorite stat:

    7 Friendships Strengthened


  • We origionally planned to use 229 Jarvis minimum. We knew there were going to be some double fields missed and other issues. I think there were somewhere between 230-250 Jarvis used total.

    We were also looking at how many softbank to use. While looking at AP per SoftBank, 1 per throw would give us more compared to 2. We also would have been stretching our spine as we didn't have the density.

    Also a note on the spine, when we designed it we had our hinge anchor be the farthest portal from where I was throwing from and the rest of the spine be set up so that the double fields could be thrown from farthest to nearest. That way the links could be sent as fast as possible without bouncing around the link tray.

  • Very well played ! Especially love the screenshot with the keys scattered, very representative of how an AP engine functions.

    I've done a good amount of them, but solo. My limiting factor is usually flip cards before SBULs (and I suspect now with kinetic capsules even more so), so I run off of portals with 3x or 4x SBULs to get better AP per flip card. My latest attempts yielded an average of 1.4m AP for 16 minutes, which would represent more than 7 hours to get to 40m AP. This gives a good perspective on how optimized your plan was, and how critical having a team around you helped.

    Your sitrep indicates that you were deploying portals yourself. Did you consider having a teammate deploy and mod for you? I could see the speedrun being improved with a couple teammates setting up the next portals (resos, mod and baselink) and another one killing the previous one, letting the speedrunner only throw links generating 2 fields. An added benefit would be that your inventory is just keys and hypercubes.

    Crunching a few numbers, an attempt like the one I describe would look like :

    • 3555 links
    • 92 cycles off a 39-portal spine
    • 92 flip cards and 368 SBULs
    • to beat your time, one would have to throw at 16 links per minute or better (!), with only one restock necessary

    The issue I ran into when testing for such a run (back during the year 7 anniversary) is under circumstances I could not clearly identify scanner errors would start showing up, and then not all possible links would show in the carroussel and I'd have to restart my app, thus killing my links per minute speed.

  • We had the discussion of where the line was drawn between a solo recurse or having a team help. We decided 'solo' ment doing all of the work from deploy, mod, link, Jarvis, and destroy. Yes a team to hold gear and drop as needed is required but we felt that doing everything was enough to be considered solo.

    Looking back at our setup and potential other setups, like one with more available portals for a longer spine, I think there is definitely potential to lower the time. If the portals were available I think, based on the screen recordings, I could do 2-3 sets of links in a minute if the portals were set up for me. 243 sets based on my calculations would be needed. So not too many more...

    I am glad they fixed linking! This was one of our worries in planning. We had a calculation for fields missed just in case. I think I only had to restart ingress 4 or 5 times due to ghost links.

  • Hey that's awesome! I love seeing how others are attempting this! Glad to be part of a group that looks this far into it. If we do this again il definitely take things you did well and add them to our strategy.

  • wow. congrats

  • Great work agent!

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