Recurse Like A Maniac - Level 1 to Level 16 in 3H 46M

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Operation Recurse Like a Maniac

Scope: To Recurse in Ingress Prime and level up from L1 to L16 as fast as possible

Official Time: 3 hours 46 minutes - Saturday, November 14th, 2020 11:06-14:52 CST

Planners: Maniac15, GBUManny, DerteeBlooBerd, fl00d

Support Team: Musiedlak93, GBUManny, DerteeBlooBerd, fl00d, Vicious1016, Coolbluewaters, Redfox1701

Plan: Use an AP field machine set up in Stevens Point, Wisconsin USA. The hinge anchor was set up at the Family Church on the southside of Stevens Point along with 15 spine portals linked through downtown and into Mead Park. Utilizing the portals on the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point campus, I would follow a 70 portal loop throwing to the hinge anchor and spine repeatedly. The number of portals on the chosen campus loop would, in theory, prevent me from overtaking my inoculation. Each throw cycle generated 16 links and 29 fields while only utilizing 1 SBUL and 1 Jarvis.

Preparation: The decision to find a suitable area to complete this was difficult. We spent days looking at the intel map debating which areas had the best spine and number of portals. We wanted an area where the portal density was high enough affording easy walking deployment, yet far enough away from any potential disruption from Resistance or Enlightened agents. This was no easy task, but Stevens Point seemed to be the best option.

Key Farming: Three days over two trips on May 9th, 2020 and September 28-29, 2020 and a bunch of quantum capsules were needed to farm the 7328 keys needed to meet the minimum AP to reach level 16. But wait! A new item was introduced that would change everything! APEX. With the confirmation that the Apex would stack onto double AP events resulting in 4x AP, we could effectively cut the needed items in half. This meant instead of running the machine 458 times we only needed to run it a minimum of 229 times.

Gear Farming: The absurd number of Softbanks and Jarvis Virus were the most difficult items to collect and farm. Many of the needed items were donated after an anomaly win in Madison, Wisconsin USA in July 2019 from the bounty received by agents at the restocking portals. The rest was due to the generosity of many local agents sharing their gear. After nearly two years we finally obtained enough. 

Date: Originally, we planned to complete this during one of the two weekends of the yearly anniversary badge double AP event. 2020 threw a wrench in that as it has with many other things. It seems that the EOS protocol had replaced the yearly two week double AP. Looking at the EOS schedule, the only duration of double AP across all actions was Phase 1 happening November 9th through November 17th. This only allowed one weekend to complete the task.

Go Time: Recurse! Thus came the day to make it all happen. Enlisting the help of Musiedlak93, GBUManny, DerteeBlooBerd, fl00d, Vicious1016, and Coolbluewaters we met in Stevens Point and organized our gear for drops. I originally had a plan to screen record the entire process but phone space was limited. Finding Redfox1701, we were able to set up an intel map recording of the entire process. 

Links to YouTube videos will be in the comments down below.

Execution: With the guidance of Musiedlak93, we were able to navigate a good route through the campus that allowed us to use most of the portals available (and not run into trees while staring at my phone). Levels 1 through 8 were completed in under 6 minutes. Keeping a close eye on my inventory I gave a signal to Musiedlak93 when it was time to drop capsules for me. The support agents were centrally located within the loop, so when I needed a drop someone was always close to restock whatever I needed. After three and a half laps and only 3 hours and 46 minutes the moment was finally achieved: The return to level 16.

Obstacles: The biggest threat to the entire operation was Wisconsin mother nature in November. Watching the forecast in the weeks to come we saw rain and it snowed in the days just prior. Like true Wisconsinites we bundled up and gritted it out. Quickly into the first lap I made a critical mistake of using a portal twice. As many know, using a portal twice means I cannot virus that portal a second time for another hour. A quick decision to purchase a battle beacon saved the day. Because the battle beacon flips the portal regardless of inoculation, all I had to do was wait for the initial battle beacon timer. This happened two more times along the way. The original plan was tested for speed and it was determined that 70 portals in the loop would be sufficient enough to not have to worry about inoculation. Finding our groove and moving quickly through the campus we were on the brink of having to wait for inoculation timers. We called an audible and added a section of portals slightly off the loop. Near the end of lap 3 I was getting low on resonators. Turns out the support team didn't have any more capsules. Somewhere along the line we didn't calculate enough extra resonators due to loss from ghost links. A quick decision was made by the support team to farm a set of L1 and L2 portals. Frackers went off and away they went to gather resonators. Just after the start of lap 4 I had less than 10 of each level 1 and 2 resonators. I made the call to the support team to run resonators over to me. Great teamwork and communication lead to no time wasted!

Day of Temperature: 40° F and dropping rapidly

Rain: Light drizzle began midway though lap 2, then sporadic heavy bouts of rain fell throughout lap 3 and the final lap

Wind: 10-15mph


Time: 3 hours 46 minutes

1943 Resonators Deployed

3819 Links Created

6745 Fields Created

249 SBUL used

8 Apex used

9 KM walked

40098518 AP Gained

7 Friendships Strengthened

1 World Record Achieved

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  • Insane! Nice work!

  • Crazy !

  • Did you pick them up at the end or just leave them?

  • Was and honor and privilege to be a part of Maniac15 speed recurse.

  • This is very impressive! Excellent job!

  • PerringaidenPerringaiden ✭✭✭✭✭

    Congrats on your 10 million AP.

  • LuoboTiXLuoboTiX ✭✭✭
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    Congratulations on your achievement! 3 hours 46 minutes sounds fantastic. Professional planning, proactive chance seizing, accurate execution and laudable collaboration.

    A stark contrast to few rarely-Prime-opening agents who whined at first that Niantic should not organize EOS and launch the individual badge as planned (in some cases it's just because he/she does not want to go out to do something at all but still wants the badge) and afterwards grumbled that EOS offers no substantial contents and activities and thus is nothing to them...I personally would not judge whether it's substantial but obviously 2X AP, APEX (many of which are complimentary) and ability to deploy 4 mods makes it an ideal time for agents like OP's team to do something impressive with less man-days needed in the game.

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  • Nice Job! Impressive for sure

  • Congrats!

    I always love the anniversary events for enabling agents to push themselves - whether it's an agent reaching l16 for the first time, or something remarkable like this. Well done!

  • Great job!

  • Congratulations Maniac!!!!!

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    100% a case of too big an "OGnis". But yeah, totally agree. Guy just likes to play whatever side the OP isn't on.

    Good catch.

  • PerringaidenPerringaiden ✭✭✭✭✭

     Because you can't have it both ways.

    You can make 40 million AP. You can plan out how to make 10 million AP.

    But you can't claim that someone beat a record because they made 10 million AP compared to people making 40 million AP.

    You can't have it both ways.

    Either they completely an impressive new category of record, or they didn't compete on the same playing field with people who made 40 million AP straight out.

    If you're going to claim you "beat" people who made 40 million AP without any Apex or Double AP, you have to do it with no Apex or Double AP.

    You can't have it both ways.

  • PerringaidenPerringaiden ✭✭✭✭✭
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    A jet ski is a 'legitimate' means of water travel. You don't see Ian Thorpe on one in the Olympics.

    Nor do you see Jeremy Poret diving into the water to swim.

    Different conditions = different records.

    Alternative examples:

    100m vs Marathon

    Velodrome vs Tour de France

    Le Mans vs Bathurst 1000

  • Frankly speaking I couldn't imagine that there would be foul fault-finders, grouches or killjoys in threads like this but....

    Oh dear, following your logic, if not under all same circumstances including weather, temperature, number of team members, phone models, etc...then you would and could only say that previous record was not beaten because of your theory:

    Different conditions = different records.

    Very funny. How could you ignore those conditions when your eyes' only for APEX and 2X AP?


  • Speedrunning games has always escalated with new strats and leveraging new shortcut findings. The dynamic and persistent nature of an AR game is just a new category. There is no timer when you start the game, only when you recurse. There are 2 entire TEAMS of agents to aid a run (required in fact --for the farming), or sabotage it. The real world is a far more evil RNG than any run in any game without the "R" in AR.

    These are interesting times.

    Now I'm waiting for the 100% leaderboard.

  • Just recently, I got to lvl 16 (for the first time) after 5 years of playing casually. What you've done here is quite impressive. Congrats!

  • ArtilectZedArtilectZed ✭✭✭✭✭

    Well done!

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