OP Firecracker and OP Covid Diwali 2020 back to back

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OP Firecracker:

A Resistance kind of Diwali with Operation Firecracker amassing more than 150 Million MU.

7 layers of fielding with more than 20 Million MU per field.

@erraghavchhabra Created the whole plan using the Afghanistan keys lying with us for 2 years. Months and months of planning and clearing countless blockers so I could finally create those fields.

@me.meetu Took down Portals with links blocking our Operation and remained on standby for any help in Ludhiana, Punjab, India.

Agent Puxal helped setup high level portals, links and blockers in Abohar, Punjab, India.

Finally, Agent @Splend1dGamer, that's me grabbed all the 150 mIllion MU creating 7 layers of fields in Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab, India

OP Covid Diwali 2020:

Ending the Diwali night with yet another Operation. OP COVID DIWALI 2020.

12 layers of approx. 25 Million each totalling 300 Million MU.

This Operation involved 3 countries: India, Kuwait and Afghanistan. 

Base link from Kuwait to Afghanistan established by Agents @RoN1DoN and @Q8Guy in Kuwait.

Agent @erraghavchhabra and @Puxal created 12 layers in Abohar, Punjab, India gathering approximately 300 Million MU.

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