Sounds of Prime Artifacts

I released the album for the projection mapping project which I made for The night musiem at Sasaki Art &Doll Museum ,Akiu Sendai.

Its title is PA meaned Public Area, Pray Area...

also Prime Artifact.

All music(PA_Lost Summer, PA_Fall,PA_Vapor) are based on Prime Artifacts Notation which I transcript Osiris Enoch’s sound of Prime Artifacts during the tessellation.

These are spin-off music of ingress

Artifacts Notation:

Enoch’s original sounds:

I don’t know one prime artifact sound;Helios beacon now and then.

I notated it the “rest”

The musics are based on a few PA sounds.

Detail are below:

PA_Lost Summer and PA_Fall;

I started  to compose “Recursion Coins, Sarah's Ring the rest(Helios Beacon), Shōnin Stone

The first, I set in their note in Fugue Machine,iPad app like musical sequencer.


It relate to Undine, the exogenus?

I used Fugue Machine before I knew Undine during tge tessellation.I was surprised at the concidence.It is really accidential concidence.

I set the deference setting in it and record as MIDI data. Finally I arranged them and played the modular synth and the other instruments.


This was composed by other way.

This is based on  Shōnin Stone, Undine Silica, Wind Jewel

The first,I record piano sound of them.

I send its sound data into sampler module of modular synth.

I played and record freely the synth.

Finally I rebuilt it like sound collage.

I cannot unveil the secrets of Prime Artifacts, but they sounds good resonance. 

I like it.

how do you like,PAC? @Truthseeker


  • I think my mind could've been lost in the Fugue for a moment, if your PA piece is what I imagine the Fugue is like.

    Now that you've brought up this composition method, as I was replaying the alternate version of Resonance the other day, the music seems to be written in a fugue structure as well.

    The many meanings of one word.

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