Lighting A Lamp

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It's been a while I did some field art or ops, and at the same time the amount of power ups in my inventory got a bit too much. Along came the perfect occasions. Diwali and the Ingress anniversary happened to come by at the same time. Diwali on the 14th this year and the Ingress anniversary on the 15th as usual.

A bunch of us in the Mumbai Resistance were talking about using Fireworks for Diwali. It would have been the first Diwali with Fireworks in Ingress.

I decided to try something a little challenging. I wanted to make a samai or oil lamp. These are used while performing a puja on various occasions. I knew how I'd make the whole field art a little more special but the first hurdle was settling on a design. With the pandemic around it seemed sensible to do a solo field art and in the nearby area. Finding the right set of portals to match a design was a little trouble too.

With the #IngressYear8 levelling up in full swing, it was a bit surprising that most of the area was clear of messy links. Lucky me. A few other stray blue links got cleared thanks to the local Enlightened on the evening of the 14th.

I set out around 6 pm to do this. Made a few lanes and got started. It initially took about 3 hours and I was finished around 9 pm. That's when active disruptions almost totaled the plan just because it was a field art. That goes in the sucks to be you bag. Several attempts later, I finally got the whole field art re-done around midnight. I guess this is just a Diwali thing where good and light always win over evil. By now my Kinetic Capsule had finished a full 8 kms since beginning this little op and by the time I got home the next one finished another 2.

Finally, for the special bit. I'll let you see for yourself how the lamp was lit. :)

Happy Diwali!




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