Operation Ovar - Level 1 to level 16 in 5 hours and 46 minutes

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In an attempt to create the fastest time for an Ingress player ever to reach from LVL1 to LVL16, on Tuesday the 10th of November, 2020, Resistance Agent @Jomocinho Recursed at 18h41PM and managed to climb all the way back to 16 at 00h27 AM on 11th of November. 

For this Operation 2 more agents were directly involved. Resistance Agent @Vasconf77 7 and Resistance Agent geep44. I would like to give a very big thanks to both of them, without their crucial help and motivation the Operation would've been nothing more than a mirage.

For this operation a set of 40 portals were connected and farmed for keys, and a layered field was assembled. It was created on a specific place, so that on one of the ends of the multi layered field was surrounded by a big cluster of portals, in which 40 were used, serving as mobile anchors during the entire operation process.

4 SBUL were placed in each individual anchor (40x4). Each anchor was then used to link the other 40 farmed portals at the spine of the multilayered field, creating 77 fields at a time. Each anchor was then flipped one by one with a Jarvis virus once it was done being used to link all portals. One hour later, it was flipped back with an ADA in order to reday to use one hour later. Using 40 mobile anchors was the ideal solution found to fight the 1h Jarvis + 1h ADA usage waiting time window, as rotating one full cicle of 40 anchor was calculated to last 2h15minutes. 

As agent @Jomocinho was creating the fields; using Jarvis virus; and moving on to the next one, Agents @Vasconf77 7 and geep44 were taking notes of ADA times, providing organized keys in capsules, and analyzing activities on intel to ensure no strange activity from other agents would compromise the operation.

After 94 repetitions, Agent Jomocinho reached the desired level 16, with a record time of 5h46m.

As a final verdict, this operation, a true mission, was a complete success. The record was established at 5 hours and 46 minutes.

This Operation happened during the annual double AP Event. To get 4x AP,12 APEX during the run.

World Record level 1 to level 16 'Operation Ovar' Sumary:

94 repetitions

ADA: 57

Jarvis: 94

SBUL: 156

Keys: 3760

Fields: 7072

Link: 3755

MU: 149,975,260 M

AP: 40,047,646 M

To add some more information:

26 more repetitions were done prior to the 94, in order for Agent Jomocinho reach from level 15 to 16 and set up recursion. It was previouslly in the same day. So, a total of 120 repetitions were done in the space of 12h17m.

24h Sumary:

120 repetitions

83 ADA

120 Jarvis

SBUL: 156


Fields: 8995

Links: 4791

Mus: 191,136,680M

AP: 51,146,382M



Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Full path

Image representation of the assembled fields, of operation Ovar.(No screenshot was taken from intel during the operation)

Screenshot confirmations for evolution to first level 16 and preparation of recurse:

Screenshot confirmations for Ingress World Record for fastest level up from 1 to 16:

Would Like to give a special appreciation for Agents/friends who were not present in the OP but helped by supplying resources or in any other way to fulfill the plan:





A big thank you to all!

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  • very good job agent 💙

  • Great Job Agent! 💪👍️💙

  • Very nice, whats the layers is like in full as you only show one end for rotation

  • Cheers :)! I added one more image that represents exactly what the field looked like. you can check it out!

  • Excellent preparation and execution 👍🏽

  • Proud to have been involved in this craziness.

    As a side note, and due to the Pandemic situation, it is relevant to note that:

    - only 3 agents were actively involved during operation, and 2 of them are from the same household. We used mask and/or kept safety distance from eachother. Agents drove in separate cars (2+1).

    - an open space (city park) was used for the majority of the anchors, the others were done with agent inside his car, giving good assurance that we could keep safe distances from any person.

    As a teaser, I leave a message that there is room for improvement on those 5h46m 🤪🤪🙃

  • Great job, Agent! Congratulations to all who took part of this adventure, impressive Feat 💪

  • Genial trabajo! Excelente en verdad. Necesitamos eso para algunos agentes acá en Chile que necesitan "matripuntos" para salir jajaajajaaj

    FUERA DE BROMA, felicitaciones por su proyecto y concreción. Gracias por su registro.

  • Awesome performance, congrats !

  • Wow! Great work everyone! And congratulations to @Jomocinho! 🤩👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Great job!

    I used the same technique to level up last year: a spine of 40 portals and 77 fields from each portal inside the cluster.

    While assembling the layered field, did the keys appear in the same exact sequence you needed in order to link them properly? That’s why you put the cluster close to one of the end of the spine!

    If so, I think your record will be almost impossible to beat

    Here’s my sitrep, congratulations:


  • I did see your video i think a couple of weeks before! And really motivated me to do it :)

    Great job! you did it very well and with only 2x AP.

    Your questions about the keys. The keys were exactly in the right linking sequence, except one key, which was the first one to link. it was the shorter anchor of the two that were not in cluster.

    The cluster was also for me to walk intead of driving and also was chosen a bit far away, garanting that the key order would not change in any portal once linking.

    Cheers :)

  • Parabéns @Jomocinho

    Grande trabalho, excelente resultado.

    Gilson Poerschke @escoteiro

  • Congratulations @Jomocinho

    Great job, excellent result.

    Gilson Poerschke @escoteiro

  • Great job!

    Great to see this quality play in my zone.

    I almost feel a urge to come back to the game!

  • bugg87bugg87 ✭✭
    edited November 2020

    Awesome job @Jomocinho, a living proof that there is no impossible task for humans when brain is correctly used, not only to wear a hat 😂😂😂

    Proud to be able to help u on your Journey and was a proof that there is no such thing as a war between factions, may be some mentalities could evolve more into 21 century on both sides ;)

    Big shout out to you @Jomocinho 💪💪💪

    P.S. I can tell u that your journey had inspirated other agents to do something equivalent of your plan👌👌

  • Great job, awesome organization.

  • Nice one !

  • Impressive! Well done!!

  • How much time was spent preparing for the speed run, gathering keys, kit, etc?

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