Ingress Year Eight: Resonance

This coming Sunday, November 15th marks Ingress’ 8th anniversary! Celebrate with us by sharing your favorite Ingress memories with the hashtag #IngressYear8 on social media! 

The Resonance Year 8 medal will be awarded to all Agents who’ve earned more than 0 AP since the Year 7 medal was distributed. Medal distribution will take place some time after Phase 1 ends on Tuesday, November 17th (PST) and follows the same medal tiers as Year 7: Levels 3/9/13/15/16. Please note that Recursed Agents will receive Onyx Badges.

Kick off your Year 8 weekend celebration by heading to the Store to grab your free Resonance Bundle which includes a wide variety of items such as Apex, Fracker, ITO EN and Softbank Mods and many more. This Bundle will be available until Friday, Nov 20, 2020 17:00 UTC (9:00 AM PST) and can only be redeemed once for accounts older than 8 days. 

Resonance Bundle (0 CMU)

  • Apex (1)
  • Fracker (1)
  • Niantic Beacon (1)
  • Softbank Ultralink (1)
  • ITO EN Transmuter - (1)
  • ITO EN Transmuter + (1)
  • Agent lvl Resonator (8) 
  • Agent lvl Burster (8)
  • Agent lvl Cube (8)
  • Agent lvl Ultra Strike (8)

Faction Resonance Bundles are also available for sale for the same duration with no redemption or account restriction.

Enlightened Resonance (8000 CMU)

  • 8 Apex
  • 8 Enlightened Fireworks
  • 8 Enlightened Beacons 

Resistance Resonance (8000 CMU)

  • 8 Apex
  • 8 Resistance Fireworks
  • 8 Resistance Beacons

Thank you to all Agents for being a part of our global Ingress community.

–The Ingress Team

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