Wayfarer themed #VFS - Sheffield, UK

We’re back for our sixth wayfarer themed Virtual First Saturday. As voted by the community, in Sheffield.

Sheffield itself is very historic, being a former industry city and the birthplace of Stainless Steel, now a number of these relics would just look rundown, if one wasn’t able to see the points of interest, on a map 👀.

We had a whopping 82 agents in attendance, our biggest event so far. Our main event was live reviewing over Zoom, but collected other stats like AP and XM Recharged, so everyone was able to play in a manor of their choice.

Unfortunately, not long before the event, we lost a real diamond of a gentleman, @3Bikes who sadly passed away, so this event was to commemorate his contributions to the network (Triple Onyx Recon) and for just generally being a awesome guy.

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