Nuevos aportes a la Materia Exotica

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Hey, aparecieron nuevos antecedentes a la investigación de la Materia Exótica desde Chile (mi país) por un grupo de agentes chilenos científicos del Departamento de Física FCFM de la Universidad de Chile y el Instituto Milenio de Óptica MIRO. 

¿Qué opinas tú  @NianticBrian  ?

¿Qué antecedentes tienes  @Truthseeker  ?

¿Es posible que ahora que estamos colaborando con nuevos antecedentes a la materia Exótica nos den un #anomalyforChile?

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  • Curious development. From what I am understanding, are you saying maybe what we know as XM is just an alternative state of matter? Which means under certain 'strict' circumstances, perhaps anything can be transformed into XM.

    This is a curious find from science fields who might not know of XM. I don't think that is contradictory to our current study of XM energy at all. In fact, I believe according to some researchers, we are all just different forms of XM constructs, just like the resonators in your Scanner.

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