Local spoofer contiunes interference with ENL activity (Korolev, Moscow region)

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Hi, forum readers. I am sorry to distract you from your discussions. This post is mostly aimed at the Niantic support, as we don't have another effective way to communicate with them.

1) After the recent post 1 account was banned, but 2 of the mentioned accounts, Skarlotina and Rezwera, continue spoofing, see https://community.ingress.com/en/discussion/comment/123014/#Comment_123014 and ticket 10635097. Thier operator AgentMarshall10 also continues playing.

2) Recently another spoofer cocojambaby (ENL) resumed his activity. He has been reported previously (#9998803, he was also mentioned in #ETR_2020_2021 and #10538365). No actions were taken so he continues the actions aimed at the prevention of ENL gameplay. We ask you to investigate the ticket #10669074 and stop (or, most likely, pause) the spoofing activity.

11 Nov 2020 UTC+3

Spoofer threw the link blocking Ilya95's home portal from nearby park created after the home portal flip by local RES agent, DCSnow (19:39). Nice cooperation, by the way.


19:47 <cocojambaby> deployed a Resonator on Костинское распутье

19:47 <cocojambaby> linked Костинское распутье to Котельная Суворовская

Soon after that he appeared in other part ot the city (3.4 km away) to destroy another ENL home portal previously flipped by ADA Refactor to save its mods and level:


20:04 <cocojambaby> captured Красочная песочница

20:04 <cocojambaby> deployed a Resonator on Красочная песочница

Afterwards his activity resumed on the remote portal. He covered the previously mentioned home portals with a field:


20:19 <cocojambaby> created a Control Field @Визит-центр «Чаепитие в Мытищах» +364 MUs

20:19 <cocojambaby> linked Визит-центр «Чаепитие в Мытищах» to Доска Почета РКК Энергия

20:19 <cocojambaby> linked Визит-центр «Чаепитие в Мытищах» to Красочная песочница

Spoofers do whatever they want to help local RES agents. RES community is aimed at achieving their goals by all means (backpack accounts, trespassing, inappropriate behaviior, see tickets 4448444, 7987914, 8775411, #ETR_2020_2021, 10433745).

Please investigate the connection between the spoofing accounts and real agents and take action!


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