Ban appeal for legitimate player (Scalle01) - help please!

This concerns the ban of a fellow players account, nickname Scalle01.

His account has been banned for no reason whatsoever, without any warning. He is known in the community, he is fair, polite, honest and 200% legit. I can not imagine anything wrong with his account, or the way he plays and/or treats fellow agents, on the contrary, he is a rolemodel for many of us.

Since he can no longer access the forum, I will post his request for help in this matter, and I sincerely hope the community will back him up in this matter:

"Hello everyone, may I have your attention for a brief moment. 10 days ago I suddenly could not log into my scanner. Acces denied it said. Intel, forum or Wayfarer aren't accessible either. After I contacted the support I received an email with the information my account was terminated. I honestly don't have a clue what they are accusing me of. I don't spoof, only have one account, didn't bought any items online, did not participate in wintrading. I have submitted several ban appeals. Those are closed and the decision is permanent.

If you know me or if we ever played together I would like to ask you to write any references or testimonials if possible. I'll gather those and will contact NIA personally. You can PM me or ask my email.

Thank you for your time and hopefully we will play again soon."



  • This player is legit. He regularly participates in all events, operations (he even participated in the last French national op)

    His ban isn't legit

  • Ce joueur est légitime je l'ai déjà rencontré à plusieurs événements d'ingress et autre opération il a même fait le déplacement depuis la Belgique pour participer à l'op hamal 2.0 il est plus que légitime. La suppression de son compte n'est pas légitime ce joueur est un exemple dans la communauté.

  • Although I don't know scalle01 personally. Is he a well-known person in the community. never have I heard any complaints about him either from the res or from the enlighted side. please restore his account because he certainly doesn't deserve this.

    Nightwolf747, Wolf of Belgium

  • It seems that you are very sad and are in court, this banned agent can appeal on a form that appears in the email saying that your account has been closed.

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