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Ok so I've been waiting all year to achieve another metal to my swag. Been playing since the beginning. I missed my founder by one level. So now a few people get to ruin the challenge for everyone else. There is no meaning to do this challenge if there is no reward for it. I've also been asking about the last two challenges for a long time to be added to the profile with NO RESPONSE at all from @Niantic or @ingress. Way to keep in touch with your agents!!! Now no more medals or badges for the year. Can you even throw a bone and in the app store? From someone who has been playing and defending since day one. You have seriously let your true agents down again. Way to go Niantic!! I probably won't get heard anyways because the messages I've been sending get ignored anyways. Thank you for actually listening to your agents.. not


  • The yearly badge is still to come.

  • Also, since this is somewhat of faction vs faction. Why not just have the lockdown agents get a metal along with their faction? Then let everyone else play. I know the yearly medals are coming but I like to have others added to my profile.

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    i still think its weird we cant have some sort of drone event and still get a badge ? safe to use for everyone. but we will atleast get the year 8 medla next week after phase 1 ends.

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