FreakyJudge is a spoofer who really ruines game in Moscow

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This account is an other account of some really social and active agent in Moscow (he knows coach portals of many Enl agents and destroys them). He always using timings from google or yandex maps to move between portals, so, dozens reports did nothing to it.

Here you can see this accound destroying agent's homeportals at bottom left and top right corner), and then - destroying links at one of the biggest enl nested fields at Moscow right now.


It begins in a month ago, when Enl agents began to celebrate yearly Octoberfest: the month of covering the most blue district in the city with green fields.

part 3: he destroyed our fields and created their own. At that moment we doubted is a spoofer or real agent

part 5: he destroys anchor again at the night. He also did it again at 15:00 (unfortunately, no screenshot)

<i was a little bit lazy to add info about 5-7 other destroyed multilayer fields here>

And then he did somethihg much more interesting: he begins to create really huge fields at the corner of our cell (200 km from Moscow)

Field one:

After that, he destroyed some new Enl nested fields, and created another one:

After that, we created a nested field at portal in close-by-night location, and he succesfully destroyed that (,37.627916&z=17&pll=55.655874,37.627916) in less than 20seconds:

... Also, during one of our operations he created some fields near:

Some of them were created from close-by-night attraction park, but it never stopped him.

Our agent destroyed them, and he created it again, then, destroyed ours.

Now, again, first screenshot, but a little closer:

What are Usain Bolt!

You can check it by yourself here:,37.496207&z=17&pll=55.846202,37.496207

And there are more and more and more cases, ignored by Niantic

Support is really useless:

We created more reports, they also were "carefully readed", but hothing happens.

Niantic, please ban it finally

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  • It's true

  • ya i see it and been near

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    I hope all accounts associated with the mentioned one will also be banned. Please check out who logs in from the same device or same network to find out the main account of the operator

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    This man ruined our game, he destroy any big fields with layers in any area in town and build own, but nobody seem him at portals locations (spoofer? Check pls!). He get the first place at score and only with this man res probably got win at score. It's fair play!

    We hope that res too send reports for this player - but who knows?

  • I personally have written several reports on FreakyJudge. And guess what? No investigation had been taken. A minor investigation would result in permanent account removal.

    Being at night at a restricted access area which is basically closed after 20:00 is fine, according to niantic.

    Moving faster than it is possible by car is fine, according to niantic.

    Being invisible is also fine.

    Having multiple accounts is fine.

    Oh, and do you actually have more than one person working in support? I believe poor Lambert just hasn't got time to actually investigate the reports, he's too busy copypasting the standard replies.

  • Shielded portal with no legal way to access it at night is destroyed in less than one minute.

    Must be just magic, I dunno...

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    For your reports, it's best to keep it short and relevant to the current action you're reporting. I can see you're including portal links, but there is no date for when these actions occurred, or timezone. And only report recent actions, preferably those that took place within the last two weeks.

    Try including that information, for example:

    Location spoofing - This account dropped the following portal (which is inaccessible at night and cannot be reached from the road/entrance): <portal link> at 2020-11-02 09:18 UTC+2.

    Not saying that this will automatically result in a ban, but it will help Ops in their investigation.

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    Reports #10508597 #10550456 (and some others) had all necessary information (links, dates, times, UTC timezone, etc), and were "carefully reviewed" with the same result.

    Why didn't support ask for more information in more useful format? It may be much better than copy-paste answer about careful reviewing.

    Also, can Niantic (or Vanguards) create a guide about how to write useful report? I think, it may be great both for agents (they will provide all nesessary information) and support (they will get the information)

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    The ticketing system unfortunately doesn't allow Ops to request additional input after it's been logged. So they have to work with what's given in the initial report. If more information is required, they can't request it. They can only close the ticket. I do agree though, that the closing statement should include something like "We were unable to action your report due to incomplete information. In future, please supply xyz to assist us in investigating your report."

    Niantic does have a guide on what to include when reporting though. Link here:

    As for the Vanguards, the RES VG have, in collaboration with the TRs and BRRN, compiled a guide on when/how to use the TR system and what to include in those reports. This is visible here:

    The information in that guide for what to include in the report is also applicable to the normal support tickets, so it might be useful to take a look at that. We have an English, Spanish and Italian version, and I believe French and German versions are in the process.

  • As I know, RES players also confirm that it's spoofer. So please take urgent measures and react properly in future. ‼️

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    Sad to see this, no wonder more and more legit players decides to stop playing....

  • Yeah this is far from the only suspected spoofer in the area, it's just the most active one. We also have a rather new green account who's been making cross links around our usual fielded areas and shamelessly win-trading with another new blue account. Our guys tried finding them IRL, but didn't see anyone.

    Still, at least the community forum can help, for now. Last time we had an active spoofer in the southern half of Moscow, it took Nia three months to ban only his first account.

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    great news!

  • Nah, what's the point of trying to figure out the complicated comm logs/movement trajectory of a bad player inside a 10m+ city when you can easily follow and expose a spoofer hundreds of miles away and show off your involvement? Even if banning the former one would help hundreds of players whose game is actively (and negatively) affected by that person.

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    Resets are not automatically done when a spoofer is banned. That information needs to be gathered and logged by Vanguards, and not every portal qualifies for reset. Portals that are eligible for reset are the ones that are remote, inaccessible, have seasonal restrictions or other factors that make it difficult to recapture.

    It's a manual process.

  • Are you Nia support? Why do you need to add your valuable opinion to each topic? You don't know all the details.

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    I'll just add my two cents because I love writing about this topic. Have been dealing with a bad actor for months. Recorded screen shots, comms logs, time after time, day after day. A document, many pages, spanning many months. To this day, still no action. Sure, keep reporting, but in my opinion, a complete waste of time and effort. Vanguards will say otherwise and the work they do is great, but even with their help, it really is futile...

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    @Azhreia pay no attention, please. Getting nasty in response to help is normal for Russians. Not for everyone though.

  • Regarding resets? I can assure you I know the details about resets. And I'll be happy to add my "valuable opinion" to any discussion on this forum, as that is what this forum is for, right? Discussions. If you don't want to read my "valuable opinions" then I invite you to skip those bits and carry on :)

  • Ok, thank you. I already wrote to support with necessary information about portal.

  • Nia OPS doesn't handle resets. You'll need to contact your ENL VG to do that. I would suggest getting in touch with @OndermanCZ

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    Great news! We have a new spoofer. Now he's crossing green fields with green links.

    He has closed stats.

    He's glyphihg

    He's linking crosses to our fields

    It's not just a newbie. He knows what he's doing.

    Report sent, but, I sure, it will be useless again.

  • I'm sorry for my rudeness. All these topics on the restoration of portals and bans are very painful: very often there is no result from the reports, our tickets close in a few minutes, it is not easy to restore fields and links. About the portal mentioned above - it is not available, and meets the criterias for recovery. We'll write this VG.

    While I'm writing this, the banned spoofer has created a new account, and we continue to write tickets about it.

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