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I am specifically interested in a game that gets me out running in different areas with game like rewards. I know some running apps exist, but Ingress has the most potential of all! It is really amazing. I have some suggestions that may be liked or disagreed upon. All of which should be available in a MODE, and only a unique MODE, because I know everyone has their own interests I don't want to bash the main game. So imagine being able to play in a mode where....


1) Audio only

First flaw of this game is having to have the app open at all. Players should be able to run around with the screen off, never having to touch their phone.  I'm over 30 years old and I feel like quite a sketchy character walking around with my phone out looking at address signs and in alleys etc. Also having to hang around to "deploy", "hack", etc is a major waste of time. I actually don't want to have to touch or look at my phone at all.

Imagine being guided by voice only. Not an annoying computer generated voice, a nice voice that you enjoy hearing. You only have to look at your phone/map once, when you start your run. From then on a voice guides you. "You're running low on XM, let's head down 1st Ave to grab some XM" ...."The resistance is hacking a portal 500 m south of your current location. Continue down 1st Ave."

The voice is fun and energetic, almost like Zombies Run, but has a purpose rather than a story


2) Pre-plan your route

Shuffle through randomly generated routes, or pre-select which portals you want to nab on your run. Either way, you do all the screen stuff before you start.


3) Automate EVERYTHING

In conjunction with everything being audio based, everything should also be automated. There is no reason to touch your phone. You automatically hack a portal as you run near it. You automatically deploy your highest level resonator if the portal is vacant or owned by your team.  You can pre-select your auto-deployment settings, or not deploy at all. It can all be written into your route plan (ie. if vacant deploy this, if occupied then hack, etc), but their would be defaults to reduce toil.


4) 12hr cool down time

People with endless time on their hands are currently dominating the gameplay. In this proposed 'running mode' players cannot hang around hacking and deploying. You run past the portal, you hear "You hacked the portal", and it's over for 12 hr. There's nothing else you can do here for 12 hr. You would then hear, "nearest portal is 200 m north, take your next left".

5) Multiplayer

If this setting is turned on, you can pre-select a distance threshold for instances which you agree to respond to. You would hear "an enemy is hacking your team's portal on 5th Street, run there now to redeploy".

Since there is a 12 hr cool down time, there is no reason why a player should be hanging around there. So there wouldn't be too much loitering going on and we can all social distance.


6) Multiplayer interaction

There could also be a setting, to enable or disable, that allows you to attack enemies real-time. I understand the safety concerns hear, but hear me out. The closest you would have to be is 50 m to a real player, and they would have to be currently in a mission. If this setting was enabled, your current mission would be interrupted and you would hear, "an enemy is headed north on 5th street". You would hear, "You are gaining on them! Hurry up" or "They're getting away. You've got to speed it up". Simply, whoever has faster pace within 50 m of contact wins the 'attack' or 'defense'. Pace would be limited to 20 km/h to prevent other forms of transportation. The attack would prevent or freeze them from hacking or deploying on the next two portals they visit. They would still have to run past these portals to remove the freeze, time alone would not remove the freeze.


7) Down time

In players' down time, when they're home on the couch or waiting for the bus, players can upgrade/switch any of their deployments. But they cannot do any hacking or deploying via the drone. These can only be done outdoors during running mission. All of the screen watching / screen touching stuff cannot be done during running missions. In their down time, players can also create missions and links and things.


I hope there are some active people out there who would benefit from a mode like this! I'd create it myself, but I don't have time for that project. I hope someone makes a game like this soon.




  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    some interesting idea but feels overall this would be better if a new game was made with such mechanics.

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