Bug: Portal Scan is lost if Ingress crashes mid-upload

Scanner version: 2.58.1 (Android 11, Pixel 4)

Imagine heading out for a short walk, scanning several portals (each portal only once, though), coming back home, and uploading those scans. You clearly saw that no one had yet claimed Scout Controller on them, so you're looking forward to being the first. 😋

Alas, the scanner crashes mid-upload. Or hangs. Becomes unresponsive. Perhaps it didn't like being left alone to do nothing but upload scans. Perhaps it wanted to remind you that it's not yet ready for the rigors of the real world. 🤨

No matter. You restart the scanner and upload the remaining scans. You go to check for Scout Controller. And… Sadness. There's one portal still unclaimed, and you're absolutely certain that you scanned it. 😡



  • oscarc1oscarc1 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Yeah would be nice for some kind of checksum validation to occur before you lose the scan.

    For example: Each scan generates a value, once uploaded the server checks that value to the file on your phone, if it matches, delete the file off the phone and award the Scout point, if it doesn't match (ie. corrupted file) it should retry uploading it until it works.

    I keep noticing that not all scans will get successfully added as a Scout Controller. I just did one earlier today and watched it upload and tell me it was successfully uploaded, but it didn't appear in my Alerts/Comms history, nor does it display with my name on the portal. Which sucks as it then becomes a wasted scan.

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