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Ever since @Truthseeker , aka @AL13(in Telegram chat), joined the research community Project Lycaeum, we've had a lot of questions for him.

but he's also investigation in progress and we understand that it's difficult to answer all the questions.

However, he has agreed to answer as many of these questions as he can ("once he's done with his current research" )! So we decided to set up a discussion to share these questions and his answers.

Our first 10 questions are:

Q1. do you have any experience with any musical instruments, as you do in the 1218 Universe?

Q2. have you heard anything from Nemesis since they left Osiris?

Q3. do you know when Epiphany night happened in Nemesis Universe?

Q4. Have you been contacted by 1218PAC after Abaddon Prime?

Q5. How did you communicate with your Tethered Hand during Tessellation? By phone, email, or even telepathy?

Q6. Did any other Anomaly occur in the Osiris Universe other than the 4 Prime Anomaly? For example, Obsidian, Aegis Nova and EXO5, etc.

Q7. How and when did you get the cool hat you're wearing?

Q8. During Operation Ko-Lan, you called 2 Hanks at the same time. How did you achieve this? Did you use any web services?

Q9: Have you ever visited Japan?

Q10. do you know who the person in the profile picture that 1218PAC posted on his website when we didn't yet know him was? or who do you think he is?

If you have any other questions you would like him to answer, please add your comments here. Your questions are also important for us to know.

Again, please remember that he may not be able to answer all of your questions clearly. Our goal here is to understand and trust P.A. Chapeau, who is our key source of information.

Thank you for helping us with our research!


  • Do you have any further information on what Ficto is up to? Stuart Lightner clued us in on it back in February, but we haven't heard much since.

  • I got a question for you:

    As the 8th anniversary celebration of Ingress will begins here, what are we going to do with a new design medal and Double or Quadruple AP Points?

    And what's gonna happen to the future?

    And I saw a vision of the future about how the world will ends!!! But, I see the future about how the coronavirus pandemic has come to an end in next spring!!

    And all anomaly must be mysteriously disappeared in the hands of the man in the black coat as their future self, like me from another dimension!!!

    Only time will tell.........

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    Have you heard about ADA whereabouts? Do you think Wendy knows something? How is Jarvis doing after Shaper's downfall? Will he try to restore his sensitivity? Will he resign as ENL leader?

  • Crees que wuendi sea una traidora y está obteniendo información de ADA

    You think wuendi is a traitor and is getting information from ADA

  • Wann hört NIA auf die Welt zu Manipulieren und sagt uns die Wahrheit über covid19, Rothschild, Qauana, Binden und den Rest der Manipulativen Medien?

  • Are you a foodie? Do people call you Pac-Man at restaurants?

  • do you like in and out or do you like McDonald’s better?

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    There being 4 universes/dimensions/nodes out there now, I think it's important to establish which PAC we are talking to. Nemesis, Osiris, Prime or 1218.

    For PAC prime: Where is reporter Susanna Moyer Prime? It's possible she could be a he- Salvatore Moyer. You need to find a Moyer ASAP- they are a powerful ally in your hunt for truth. A warning- they were killed off last time in the 1218 Universe.

    For PAC 1218: What exactly do Tecthulus do? Once one is built, it exists across a few nodes. Is it possible they bridge dimensions?

  • InvestigateXMInvestigateXM ✭✭✭✭✭

    Osiris and Prime are different names for the same universe, they are one. There's still the 4th known universe in the form of the Anime universe though, and a few theoretical, but never proven ones.

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