Statement from Visur


Here’s Visur’s official announcement of the Kinetic Capsule. At first glance, this seems like it will be a boon to Ingress Agents around the globe! But there are some things worth considering.

For starters, doesn’t it strike you as interesting timing that Visur was only able to crack the Kinetic Capsule AFTER the Exogenous were gone? Makes me wonder if maybe, up till now, the Exogenous were controlling which items we could obtain and which we couldn’t. But now, thanks to the Tessellation blocking out all Exogenous influence, the field is wide open for XM researchers to unlock these novel ways of obtaining very rare items. Food for thought, I’d say. 

Another interesting thing you probably all noticed: Visur Technology, Inc. has a brand new Chief Operating Officer in Devra Bogdanovich! This is the first mention I’m hearing of her since she and the rest of the Magnus returned from the Anomalous Bubble. Interesting lateral career move for her, from the NIA to Visur. Though, I guess she’s the top dog over at Visur, so maybe it is a step up. I also find it interesting that Devra would elect to work with Oliver Lynton-Wolfe after everything that’s happened. I know they’re with different organizations, but the announcement makes it sound like Lynton-Wolfe was integral in the development of the Kinetic Capsule. Maybe she thinks this is the best way to keep tabs on what he’s doing? To be in a position to look over his shoulder?

And, of course, I’m going to pay my usual tune of “What does Visur have to gain from all of this?” I will, of course, continue to uncover what I can about this exciting new development. And you should too, Truthseekers. Keep me in the loop!




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