Definition of wintrade or wintrading

Good afternoon

for some time I have seen how shares that are considered as wintrade have increased

Agents from rival factions who help each other to obtain more Ap

Or agents who do Ops with the help of the other faction

my question is is there an official definition of Wintrade or Wintrading?


  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    its if u talk with the opposite team and make plans in advance then its consider win trading, just playing normal outside **** both teams is not..

  • An example of something that was not wintrading because not planned with the other camp.

    I started playing Ingress in a big city in 2013. At that time, L8 portals would not survive long so we organize farms with 8 or more players, trying to get as many items as possible before cleaners would arrive.

    On one of these farm, we invited low level players to come, not telling them of the farm (it was L8 agent eyes only) but by promising fast AP.

    First we gave these agents all our low level resonators and Power Cubes (no caps at that time, it was literally littering).

    Then we created the farm and started to farm. The low level agents had one instruction: when the cleaners would arrive, deploy every resonators they had on any spot available, trying to capture portal when possible to get the 500 AP bonus.

    Under the fire of the cleaners' B8, R1 would not stand long so 1 portal could be captured a lot of times.

    On this evening, one player made it from L1 to L5.

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