Just started playing again, prime is nearly unplayable?

Hi guys, I started playing ingress back approx 7 or 8 years ago and back then for the whole year or 2 I played I never had any real issues with the app or how it ran

Now I just downloaded ingress prime yesterday and have been getting back into it but I am experiencing issues that make me want to give up and forget about my account entirely.

I'm not sure if it is 'speedlocking' or just randomly otherwise locking me out, but 80% of the time opening the app it loads the globe thing and just goes to a black screen with a grey ingress logo on it, until I wait about a minute or two till I can finally function in the game - sometimes it's just waiting but sometimes if I move a few steps around it will decide to start working too, or sometimes even just pointing my phone in a different direction, it's always something different that works 🤔

I haven't even driven anywhere since installing the app, I just walk to home and work and the shops and that is all within less than a kilometre between each other so I don't think it thinks I am teleporting and locking me out because of that?

When it does begin working it is so temperamental, sitting at my work desk I was playing and I picked my phone up and turned it around 20cm and the screen went black again 😑 and then only started working again when I placed it back on the desk

Then on my break I went for a walk down the street to hack some portals and the screen just decided to go black whenever I was walking, if I stood and stopped it would allow me to view the portals again but as soon as I walked again it stopped working, so I had to look like a crazy person stopping and starting walking 6 times up and down the street

Is this some sort of new feature to stop you from walking and using your phone at the same time??? If so I will literally quit this game haha that is so stupid

I have quit and force stopped the app multiple times, deleted and reinstalled it 3 times, and made sure the location permissions are on and I checked in Google maps walking around I have very accurate location tracking - I am running this on the Samsung note 20 ultra on the latest software update so it isn't my phone performance causing this

I just wanna play, can anyone help?


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