Update on Live Events

Earlier this year, we postponed our planned live events because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Live events will always hold a very special place in Ingress, and we’ve been working on how to experiment with new kinds of gameplay in the current environment. As we continue to navigate through these uncertain times, we’d like to share some updates regarding live events and the Nemesis Sequence.

The Nemesis Sequence remains on hold, and will resume with the final Requiem Anomaly at a future date, yet to be determined. The Anomaly Points earned from Umbra and Myriad Anomalies will be factored into the Nemesis Sequence scoring, and its Key Advantages will be identified and selected in advance by each Faction to be used in the final competition. Niantic Project Researchers will explore the mysterious Tabula Rasa incident, which seeks to explain the current state of Nemesis Sequence.

Moving forward, a new competitive season of Ingress begins next month, following November’s First Saturday. The Eos Protocol is 3-stage event, spanning November to December, with one Faction winner:

  1. Phase 1: “Light Up the Portal Network” 
  2. Phase 2: “See With New Eyes” 
  3. Phase 3: “Capture Their Minds” 

We’re committed to finding new alternatives for live events that can be played with your safety as our top priority, and look forward to sharing our event plans as they develop. We appreciate all of the feedback and suggestions you’ve shared and continue to share in the Ingress Community Forum.

Stay safe and healthy,

— Ingress Events Team

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